Roll Call.

Like The Old Woman Who Lived In The Shoe, I sometimes find myself with so many children that I don't know what to do!
With a large family it is all too easy to forget somebody and leave them unfed of in inappropriate clothing. With that in mind, and after a recent challenge to work out how many kids actually live here, my PLAN is to list the Kids of Bryn Derw so I can keep track........but it will take a while and it is altogether possible that I will leave somebody off this list! So, please keep me on my toes and feel free to remind me if someone appears in the main blog but is not listed here.

BERTIE - a 60s Gotz No-nose boy  who is happily spending the whole of his life as a 6 year old.

JAMES: An unusual, blue-eyed Gregor dark. James likes climbing - trees, walls, fences, anything except the stairs at bed time. He is very interested in mini-beasts and enjoys pond-dipping and chasng his sister with bugs.


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