Sunday, 1 May 2016

Goodbye - at least for now.

Well, I have finlly decided to give up on blogging for a while.

The MS is giving me so many problems that every email and post here, on FaceBook or other blogs is taking me an age. My right hand is very weak and I have no sensation in my fingers, meaning that I miss keys, don't put enough pressure on them or hit two at once, so much editing needs to be done - sometimes over and over.

Added to that, I am not able to walk unaided at the moment so photographs, which need to be done mostly outdoors and are never to a great standard, are now much more difficult to take. What energy and movement I have just now needs to be used for essential stuff and, much as I enjoy it, doll play has to take more of a backseat.

In all probability, I will be back to bother you all eventually. The form of MS I have is recurring-remitting and I have always bounced back in the past. Though each 'crisis' tends to leave me very slightly more disabled on a permanent level, I do usually recover to some extent. If that happens, I shall happily return. In the meantime though, the smaller dolls, so much easier to carrier around, will be following me to hospital appointments etc. and the Sashas and other larger dolls will be at home, largely unphotographed but still loved. I WILL be following your blogs and your doings on FB etc. Oh no, you don't get rid of me too easily!

Thank you for all your support and lovely comments.
   Jenni xx