Thursday, 3 March 2016

My Latest Dolly to Cuddle!

Gaku, 1 day old.

I'm such a proud Grandma!


  1. The very best kind to cuddle. He's beautiful. Congratulations to your and your family.

  2. What a dear sweet little tot!
    Congratulations and wishing you all every health and happiness together.

  3. Oh look at him, he's just GORGEOUS Jenni! Congratulations to the proud parents and equally proud grandparents.
    Big hugs and lots of love
    Sharon xxx

  4. He is Gorgeous Jenni. Congratulations to the proud mum and dad and of course the even proud Granny and Grandpa, juts seen Sharon's put almost the same.. :) so it must be true.
    Give him a cosy hug from me xxxxx

  5. Awww - a little sweetie. Congratulations. Sending hugs thru the interweb!

  6. Welcome Gaku! He is a very beautiful baby! Congratulations to all in Gaku's family and especially to you Jenni. Sending youg hugs and the very best wishes for happy and healthy days together. :) xxx