Monday, 28 March 2016

A Zauberwelt Girl In Search Of Spring.

Well, not only is it Eastertide, but the clocks were moved forward an hour on Sunday. We are now, officially working on British Sumer Time but....... 6.30 this morning, this is the scene that met the dog and me as we set off on our early walk. Grey skies and a sprinkling of snow can be so beautiful. After eight hours of torrential rain though, it merely covers thick mud and everything feels gloomy and it's wet underfoot. not my idea of a winter wonderland.  However, the dog is not easily deterred, so we set off down Lon Castell.

We heard a small voice call, 'Hello!' and looked up. On the  bank at the side of the lane stood a lonely little figure.
'I think I'm lost!' she told us.

'I've been walking and walking. It is so cold in the north and I thought I'd travel south, to a warmer spot. Snow and ice are lovely for a few weeks but when winter is much longer than spring, summer and autumn combined, it can be too much, so I thought I'd walk towards spring. But it seems cold and damp everywhere in that direction too.'

She gave a little sob.

'And I can't find Bryn Derw, the place I thought I might be able to live.' she continued.

'I slept between these two trees last night, planning to set off back north this morning.' she explained.  'Perhaps it is better to live in a freezing place but have a home than to live in a cold damp place without shelter.'

''When I woke up though, the rain and snow had swollen the stream and now I can't get back over.'

'What do you think I should do?'

I told her she should carry on to Bryn Derw as it was very close.
'But how do I get there? she asked.

 ' Spring really begins in April here, you can't rely on the weather in March, even if it IS Easter. So, come and live with us at Bryn Derw. Just follow the dog!' I told her.


This lovely Gotz girl is 'Matroshka,'one of the Zauberwelt series, a forerunner of The Happy Kids and was designed by Sissel Skille.Unfortunately, Gotz keep reusing the name Happy Kids for different series of their dolls which is confusing and they do not keep records of older runs of dolls, but the Zauberwalt girls are now about 10 years old.

'Matroshka' was a wonderful surprise gift from Maxine at My Doll Best Friend, who knows that this sculpt is my all-time favourite.
A HUGE THANK YOU to Maxine for such a fabulous gift xxx.


  1. We have the same girl, whom my daughters named 'Matroshka' after the Russian dolls on her top, she also arrived at Easter time (well not quite, she lurked in a cupboard for a while until an Easter Egg hunt). I agree, this is my favourite sculpt from Gotz, I prefer it to the Hannah/Sarah sculpt and I really dislike the recent Happy Kids sculpts they've had for the past couple of years - too sickly sweet for me.

    1. Thank you! Ihad the wrong name for her - Babushka was the name of an outfit sold seperately and showing an old lady in a shawl. I have it somewhere, it came with her red-haired ballet sister when she arrived from the US a few years ago. This girl is, of course, Matroshka.

  2. What a lovely gift and just in time for Easter.She does look very nice and her outfit suits your weather well!Maxine is a lovely person.

    Thankfully we did not get any snow here just the lashings of rain and strong winds which kept disturbing our sleep! So a late start for us today but still windy and wet so far! :)xx

    1. I loved these girls and, though I bought a redhaired one that only seems to have been sold in the US and also have a first sample of Queen of the Night too, I wanted the blond, blue eyed one - unusual for me as I generally prefer brunettes, but this Nordic or Germanic look appealed to me greatly.

  3. What a lovely story Jenni and an equally lovely girl. Maxine is a very nice person so I'm not surprised that she sent you such a well deserved gift :) I'm glad that this little girlie followed the dog and found her forever home at Baryn Derw.

    1. My rather tubby dog is easy to follow - can't miss him! Time for a doggy and Jenni diet I think!

  4. What a wonderful Easter surprise gift. Even I, as only a Sasha Doll lover, really like this girl and her super outfit. (Always love a happy ending to a story.)
    I can hardly believe that YOU have all that snow. We've basically had none here this year...which in one way is a pity as I do look forward to capturing a few photos each year of my dolls enjoying playing in the snow.

    1. Thank you, Kendal! It means a great deal when a confirmed Sasha-only lady likes a different doll I have. I've always been a butterfly brain, fitting from one thing to another, and that includes dolls.

      I am still having trouble commenting on your blog. Wordpress allow me to change my pasword and then, when I try to publish a comment, it tells me I have the wrong password!I do read your posts with great enjoyment, though. Jenni x

  5. Hello Jenni! I just discovered this blog of yours. You've posted on my blog before but I think it's been a while. I still enjoy genealogy. I love it so much I joined Findmypast and I have a Williams/Palmer blog now. It's very addictive. I love the pictures of your doll. Although the weather looks bleak...I hope it's improved by now. This past week we've had temps in the 90's F! That's very unusual for Vancouver BC!