Monday, 8 February 2016

The Boys Are Back In Town! (Well, On The Farm, Anyway)

Hurrah for Brigitte of the Sasha Morgenthaler Facebook group for allowing this week to be Boys' Week. The boys are very dear to me, not just my Gregors, but all my boys - doll, human and animal. However, this is a special week for the Trendon boys here.

The photos are not likely to be the best, many of them are old as the weather is too bad for photography just now, but here are some of the Gregors of Bryn Derw.




                        Simon, Marcus and Philip

                                 Jack.                (photo by Jackie Kramer)                                                         








Well, that's some a few of the lads!

Please remember that I have been adopting for a decade or more now. Some of my boys are from my daughter's childhood and also, many are true orphans, boys (and girls) who have been handed on to me by my late friend Ellie. She and I made many Sasha and Gregor saving trips to junk shops and jumble sales, back in the early 70s, when they were seen as just old dolls that nobody wanted.

There are also many that shouted to me from Shelly's site and other places, telling me they just had to move here. I am more drawn to offering a home to a Gregor than a Sasha because I know they often languish longer, waiting for someone to take them in.

 Once here, it has to be a very special home on offer for me to allow one to move on. My boys are all very much loved and, despite Edryd's sad little face above, no Gregor was harmed in the making of this post.
Be warned.........there are more.......... My mother says she should never have bought me a copy of Louisa M. Alcott's Jo's Boys, as it gave me too many ideas!


  1. Well what a handsome bunch of lads.... so far..... :) They all look happy and well fed, I did count and I'll be interested to see how many other boys took your eye over the years.
    It's a while since I read Jo's boys so not sure just how many she had compared to the gang here , better go check.... :)xx

    1. One reason for doing this is to ensure I can remember who is which and what is whom. I also need to do a formal head count - it's time for a complete and honest census at Bryn Derw!

  2. Jo's boys - and then Little Men - or was it the other way around, I need to check. Your boys are lovely.

    1. I always liked Jo's Boys and Little Men better than the first two books. That Amy, what little brat!! But they were a great series and it isn't Christmas without watching the black and white film of Little Women.

  3. Seventeen fab lads....and still counting!What fun, mischief and adventures down on the farm you must all have. (Our numbers here have been drastically reduced to 13!)
    My fav here is the dear little round faced Tomas. HE can come and live here any time he wishes though I feel that the Brood's residence might NOT be a good contender for your view of a SPECIAL Gregor home due to the lack of land! (Although I do own a second property along with my sister that we let my youngest brother and a couple of his four daughters live in which is built out in the country on much more land with a fair number of trees to climb.)
    Liking how they are all so individually dressed in line with their differing characters.
    BTW did you get your Trendon from Sashadolluk? If so I'm rather thinking that Shelly painted his eyes shortly after I had sent one of my 1968 brunette lads for her to sell as he had that rare style of eye painting?
    Secondly was Paul customised by Kelly Wenarski a couple of years ago and did she take a fantastic black and white/or sepia photo of him standing sideways? I remember that I was SO very taken with that photo!

    1. Newsweek! I nearly deleted your comment instead of replying to it, Kendal. I'm having to type on the Kindle as my laptop is out of commission and, with my eye sight, it is rather dangerous!
      I think your Sashas have a very special home indeed. They always look so cosy and well cared for, not to mention their trips to special places.
      Trenton is a Shelly boy, but he has been here for about 5 years now. He was newly painted and stood for ages watching his girl siblings go to new homes and, as Shelly named him Dale which happens to be my brother-in-law's name, Bruce more or less ordered me to buy him. Now he is Trendon Dale.
      Paul is one of Kelly's few boy creations. He was the boy in a family of three French orphans in a book Kelly liked. I think it is called The Children Under The Bridge. Again, his sister's sold and he languished, luckily for me as I needed to pay a bill or two before buying. I also have Brishan, the gypsy boy Kelly made in a similar style. She did have both of them on her blog in those very stylish sepia photos. Brishan will be in the next lot of boys to take centre stage here, but his untidy look may shock you little girls! girls

    2. Very pleased to hear that you didn't delete my comment lad whilst replying as I look forward to reading what you have to say regarding my Sasha ramblings!'
      Having read the above I now seem to think that it was Kelly's gypsy Brisham, that I was thinking of and referring to in her sepia photos.
      Very impressed with your reason for mainly adopting the Gregor boys. I'm much more into buying them now that they have a wider range of clothing available as dressing them plays a great part of my Sasha Collecting.

  4. Love love love the boys photos but particularly Tomos, Robin and Paul .... although it has to be said you do have good taste in boys as they are all very handsome. I love to see other people's boys, same with other people's babies but both sorts get neglected here, I don't know what it is.
    I would much rather sew something for the girls than the boys. Except for Teddy, he gets lots of new things, he is a little bit spoilt.
    Thanks so much for sharing Jen!

    1. I know what you mean, Sharon! Back in my sewing days, I preferred sewing for the girls - all those lovely fabrics were such a pleasure to work with - but the underdog was always my pet, so I had a soft spot for the boys and the less pretty girl as they seemed to be so neglected. Perhaps that's the draw of the grumpier Zwergs!
      Now, though, the challenge of being a 'mum' to all these boys is in finding a range of clothing for them. I'm a little out of date and love the jogging suits of my son's childhood and the handling sweaters like my brother wore.

  5. Just catching up ...LOVE your all male post Jen...especially little Robin...he is fab!

    1. Hi Ronny!
      Robin is special. He has one arm shorter than the other and that out-of-control hair just like my twin brother had. He was meant to be and I just had to have him to represent the human Robin. The blue eyed brunette boy above, is my older brother's alter ego too. Still looking for my cousins!

  6. A beautiful post of simply fantastic boys! I really enjoyed seeing them and reading their names too. Thank you for sharing. :) xxx

    1. Aw, thanks Ginger! I know I have more boys than most people think I should, but they bring me so much pleasure. Well, someone has to keep the little guys as, generally, it tends to be girls that find homes more easily - just like human orphans, LOL.

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