Thursday, 7 January 2016

A Gift Can Be Bitter Sweet To Receive.

It has been a long time since a lovely, shiny parcel fell out of a package that arrived at Bryn Derw. The label said it was for Bertie and, as he scampered off to sit in Mamgu's room with it, we all listened out for the squeals of delight we all assumed would soon accompany, or replace the rustling we could all hear as he turned it over and over.

Several hours later, having missed lunch, Bertie is still to be found, parcel unopened, holding the label in his left hand and looking a little sad.

No amount of encouragement from the rest of the family seems to make Bertie feel more inclined to open it and, after several attempts to get him to do so, they all wander off to play, leaving him in solitary and gloomy silence.

Time ticks by and Bertie still sits in his grandmother's chair. Once in a while he sighs, but he doesn't move.....

until an unfamiliar voice suddenly asks,

     "May I sit here?"

"If you like." Bertie replies, before going back into his sombre daydream.

"I'm new here and feel a bit shy," the new kid says. "Which is a bit odd really, because my teacher used to say that I am too friendly and talkative for my own good and that that was why I never finished any of my work...."

"Not too shy to help yourself to the spider sweater set I brought back from The Village Snippy Chip day!" thinks Bertie to himself. "Nor are you too shy to interupt me when I just want to sit quietly and think about my REAL FRIENDS!!"

But Bertie is a kind-hearted boy and doesn't want to make a newcomer feel unwelcome.

"Sorry if I seem rude," he says aloud. "It's just that I've got this and it made me feel sad, you see."

" You got a PRESENT? A PRESENT makes you SAD? Why, if I ever got presents, I wouldn't need to help myself to things without asking. Take these clothes, for instance, they were just lying over there and as I arrived here in my birthday suit....."

"Is it your birthday then?" asks Bertie who, in his confusion, has been jolted out of his sad thoughts.  "What's your name?"

"I'm Sacha. And before you ask, yes I do have longish hair, because I like to keep my ears warm and no, I'm not a girl. S.A.S.H.A. is short for Alexandra but S.A.C.H.A. is short for AlexanDER. And I'm a C one not an S one, except in school where they INSIST on calling me Alexander so I'm a boy....... and it isn't my birthday, wearing your birthday suit means wearing what you wore when you were born and that means nothing at all.....
........You've opened the end of your parcel, so what was inside? because...." the boy goes on.

Bertie decides he'd  rather like Sacha to listen and to stop talking. He might pass out if he doesn't stop talking long enough to breathe. And anyway, he thinks, how can Sacha be short for Alexander? They don't even sound similar.

"Russian." Sacha informs him and Bertie nods wisely, though he hasn't the faintest idea what Sacha is trying to tell him.

"Wow!" he exclaims, trying to change the subject. " A great shirt! Look!"

Sacha looks down and, oh joy, he doesn't say anything. He merely points at the parcel.

When Bertie looks down, Sacha picks the parcel up and pops it over his head. They giggle as Bertie passes something out for Sacha to hold before he wriggles out from under the paper.

" Hey! These are really cool cords!" says Sacha. "Lucky you! Who sent them to you?"

" That's why I was upset. I miss them, you see. I mean my best fr....." Bertie begins. "I mean my OTHER great friends, Ollie and Wolfie from The Village."

"My cousin Valentine lives there!" Sacha tells him. "He'd love these cords, he'd rave over the quality. Just look at this waist band is what he'd say! Then he'd talk for ages about feeling the quality of the fabric and looking at the fine stitching. He's into fashion. Maybe he helped Ollie and what's-his-name choose them!"

"Woolfie," Bertie tells him. "Short for Wolfgang."

Sacha raises a quizical eyebrow.

"German." states Bertie.

Sacha nods wisely, though he hasn't a clue what Bertie means.

"Me too - German name." says Bertie. "Bertie's short for it."

Sacha stops nodding as he isn't sure what Bertie means, but IS sure that he is beginning to look like one of those nodding dog ornaments he sometimes sees in cars.

Bertie looks down at Sacha's feet. They look cold.

"No socks?" he asks. "Here, borrow these. They are my special Christmas slippers and I'd only lend them to one of my three best friends!"

Bertie will always look forward to seeing Ollie and Wolfie again, but life seems so much better now he has another great friend, right here, at home in Bryn Derw.


  1. Hello Bertie
    We did not mean to make you sad by sending you a present, we thought you'd like a present? Maybe we'd best not send any other presents if they make you unhappy !
    I'm usually very happy if I get a present Mum says I'm getting a present that will arrive soon !
    I don't know what it can be because Christmas is gone and I had a present then, so I'm very confused what it is! But I hope it arrives soon I hate waiting.
    Your new brother looks nice, I'm going to tell Valentine his Cousin Sacha is living in wales with the Brynies D's !
    I hope you feel happy soon, I promise not to send any more presents.
    Love best est other friend
    ps Wolfgang says Guten Tag ( Why he's sending you a tag I don't know but I'll tell him you don't want no presents )

    1. Guten Morgen Ollie und Wolfie!

      I am very happy now and your lovely present is much appreciated. I was sad for a while because, when I saw your names on the lable, I suddenly missed you both lots. My brothers say I'm too little to play with them and I began to think about the fun we had at your house.

      But then, when Sacha came to sit with me and helped me open the parcel, it helped us to make friends, so now I have 3 best friends.

      Thank you very much for my lovely new clothes and for the shiny paper which I'm going to use to cover my writing book at school, because it is so cheery.
      Please don't forget me. I hope we can play together soon.
      Your friend,
      Bertie Button

  2. Awww what a lovely story. It's sad that Bertie misses his friends but let's hope that his new friend, Sacha, will fill the gap and they'll become firm friends.
    Love the new outfit, what a lovely gift from The Village! :)
    Big hugs and I'll email soon, sorry for the delay Jenni!

    1. Bertie is back to his usual, bouncy self Sharon! His glooms didn't last long.
      Think I might owe you an email?

  3. You know how much I love the Gotz side of the Sasha family it was a delight to see two of your boys (not!) :) Lovely post though :)

    1. I am just so glad to have enhanced your day, Ronny!
      I thought I'd be a Trendon only person until my friend left her Hansi to me. Fixing him up gave me the Gotz bug back. I loved playing with my cousin's Gotz kids, but, somehow,lost my liking for them when I grew up - until 2 years ago.
      You never know, maybe you will develop a liking for them one day.....

  4. Great story. Glad that Bertie now has a friend at home, wonder what adventures they'll have?!

    1. Hello Auntie Rosie

      I really like my new friend, Sacha. He hasn't any clothes yet, so we are going to use Mam's plastic card thingy to buy him some now. It was in her wallet, so she doesn't seem to need it just now.

      Sh! Don't tell her, please. She's going to be so happy when she sees what we are going to get for him and it only costs £1000.

      Bertie xxx

  5. I'm glad you liked the present in the end and also made a new friend. Be careful using that plastic thing. On of our sisters bought a pony with it and our person was really mad and sent it back! That was very sad indeed!

    1. Good morning! The plastic card thingy didn't work because I diddn't know what numbers to put in. There are so many numbers to chose fro all over the card and we put ebery one of them in,but it woudn't pay. Maybe we have to put the numbers on backwards?
      Sometimes the people can be a bit mean, can't they? I don't know why yours sent the pony back. It's not like your sister used your person's money, is it? Just a lump of plastic, so what was the fuss about?
      Bertie xx

  6. What a simply delightful post. How sad about Bertie missing his Village friends but great to see him cheering up now that he has his new friend who has come to live with him.
    Super clothing gift parcel. Funnily enough my lads received the very same checked shirt last week as a New Year present....though have yet to see just what to team it with.
    What is to be purchased with the 'plastic thing' sounds most intriguing. Can't wait to see what it is at THAT price.

    1. Hello Auntie Kendal!
      We did try to get the card thingy to buy a whole wardrobe of cloths for Sacha. Coats and pyjamas and warm boots, as well as jeans and jumpers and undy pants, but it wouldn't let us get them.
      Maybe we should try Aunty Judith's Dolly Doodles site? Aunty Judith might help us asshe's so kind to Sasha kids.
      Now I've got my lovely clothes that Ollie and Wolfie ent, perhaps I can share some of my other ones with Sacha. He's a really great friend.
      Happy New Year. It will soon be Christmas again! We love Christmas, don't we Auntie Kendal?
      Bertie xx

  7. Hello from Spain: lovely present. Great chindren. Fabulous pics. I just discovered your blog and really like. I collect Barbies and furniture in 1:06 scale. I love your blog. Great job. I invite you to visit my blog: If you want to keep in touch. I became a follower of your blog.

    1. Welcome to Bryn Derw!
      We just found your message and will go to visit your blog now.