Thursday, 17 December 2015

A Meeting.

It is surprisingly warm for mid December.
"Which," thinks the girl as she leans to rest against the gate,"Is just as well as I've lost my shawl. But at least my feet are warm and dry, in spite of my boots being very large for me."

She sighs, thinking that it had been a long time since she has felt really safe but, on the positive side, nothing worse than being a little hungry has happened to her since she ran off.

She looks up, towards the nearby house and notices something that takes her interest.

" A tree," she whispers. "I'm sure that's a Christmas tree! Just like the ones in the story books!"

She looks around and sees that nobody is watching. Slowly, she begins to climb up to the windowsill.

"Oops!" she thinks. "There's a boy decorating the tree and he doesn't look too happy. Perhaps he's seen me? I better run!"

But before she can scramble down from the windowsill......

.......the boy throws the window open and demands,
 "Are you spying on me? What are you doing staring in through our window?"

"Please don't tell on me! Oh, please don't call a grown up!" begs the girl.

"Erm.....well I should you know," he replies. "They don't bite you know and Mam or Dada would know what to do with a spy... but.... Well, come in and tell me what you are up to and why grown ups scare you. But behave properly because I can always YELL LOUDLY for help if you don't!"

So the girl scrambles in through the window. On the whole, she feels quite safe round other children and this one is not so very big, so she could always over-power him and escape if she needs to do so.

" My name is Dunja." she tells the boy. " I'm running away. Or rather, I've been running away for a very long time."

" Running away from who......or should that be from whom? Anyway, why are you running away and where are you going to run TO?" asks the boy.
"Oh, and I'm Bertie Button, by the way. The unfortunate, only Button Nose kid in this house." he adds dolefully.

"I'm not going back, she turned out to be a very wicked witch and she said she'd turn me into a gingerbread girl and eat me! Just because I read about Christmas trees and asked if we could have one."

Seeing Bertie's confusion, Dunja continues,
"Witches don't do Christmas and, even though I was born in a witchy family and my Dad sent me to be her apprentice, I have no wish to be an evil witch like HER."

As the girl drew breath before carrying on, Bertie sees tears in her eyes.

"SOOOO," she continues, "If you tell a grown up, they will either send me back to Esmerelda the Vile or send me back to my Dad, who will send me back to her anyway. So, I'll keep running until I find an empty house that I can live in by myself. I'll be like Pippi Longstocking and live happily ever after!"

" Don't think they would, you know. Send you to your Dad or Witch Thingy the Vile, I mean." answers Bertie.
 " They are good to all we children, on the whole. And, you know what? They've rescued quite a few of us from bad situations.
"If I just call for Mam..... Oh, and I've had Harry Potter read to me, you know, and not all witches and wizards are bad, so I think they will know you are a GOOD learner witch girl and they will LIKE you."

"So why, then, did you look so miserable?" the girl demanded. "If I was allowed to decorate a tree like yours and if I lived in a warm house like this, well I'd be very happy, but you looked miserable when I looked in through the window. So, are your parent's mean to you, then? Are you just saying they are nice to trick me?"

"Oh no, they are not mean to me exactly." Bertie say. Then he realises this is a great opportunity to get a hug and leans his head on Dunja's shoulder.

"It's just that I'm the only Button Nose here and I miss my Button Nose cousins at the Village, especially Ollie.... and then I brought loads of lovely sweaters and stuff back from the Village after my visit and Mam wouldn't let me have them all and... and.....Who's Pippi Longsock then?"

"Pippi LongSTOCKING is a girl in a story book, laughs Dunja. " But I'll tell you about another girl in a story first. Her name is Pollyanna and she plays the glad game. So I play it too."

" Huh?" mutters Bertie, looking confused.

"In the glad game, you have to find something to be glad about, no matter how sad you feel." Dunja goes on. "And I'm glad I have my strong boots to keep me dry, even though I have been walking for months and I'm glad I met you and I'm glad I saw your Christmas tree and I'm...."

"So, I could be glad that I was allowed to have these foxy slippers then?" interupts Bertie.
"And glad I went for a great holiday at the Village, and happy that I had all that hot chocolate Auntie Dee made? Ooh and I can be glad that I got to have Ollie to be my friend instead of just a farway cousin."

" That's it! You are good at this game." Dunja says, giving him not just a hug, but a kiss on the top of his head.
" I think we might be distantly related too, you know, my last name is Zwergnase which means dwarf nose, or little person's nose in...."

"German!" Bertie adds, triumphantly. "So we are both a bit German!"

Bertie is always ready for a hug, a kiss or a snuggle and this girl seems to enjoy them too.

" Know what else I'm glad about?" he asks. " I'm glad you are going to be my special big sister who can do beginner, witchy-but-good magic and read me the stories about Pollyhandle and Pippi Longshoes."

" Mam!" he yells. " Here's another one come to live with us. She needs to be rescued. MAM, COME AND HELP ME LOOK AFTER MY NEW BIG SISTER!!!!!!!"


  1. Now Bertie Button! What are you doing inviting spy's into the house? She could have poisoned you and conked you on the barnet and left you for dead! Don't you know not to just throw open the window to any old girl!
    Lucky for you she's only a trainee witch and does not have about her person a golden apple to stun you with !
    But I have to say she does seem to be a lovely young girl in need of a home and I am sure your Mam can squeeze in another small one...Ollie and Wolfgang send their regards and say to watch for the postman as they think you was done wrong only to get foxy slippers after helping me shop for your mam.
    Give my love to your Mam and tell her it's nice to see whats happening in darkest deepest wales...
    Auntie Dee xxx

  2. Ah, but Bertie had chosen and ordered his slippers before the C'n'S (Thank you Auntie Rosie, Bertie xxxxxx OOOh and Auntie Dee we like dark in Wales because we get more hot chocolate in dark weather, nice! Bertie xxxx) and all else has been squirreled away until Christmas Day, then, Master Button might be in luck........if he doesn't blow it by being naughty!
    Dunja has been here for a while, but been too shy to come into the house and meet us all. Somehow, her farm girl outfit makes me think of a fairy tale character.

  3. A lovely entertaining story and yes, we all have so much to be glad about!

    1. Thank you Kendal. We are havig another homemade Christmas here - needs must, but also because we are more and more aware of how far the world has come from the true joy of Christmas.
      My big news is that I will be a grandma in the spring and nothing could be a better gift to me than that!

    2. So thrilled to hear of your wonderful news happening this Spring. I'm thinking that YOU surely have the BEST gift of all of us this Christmas. Something that I, myself, would have be delighted to hear, but alas not to be.

  4. Lovely story - and congratulations on your big news!

    1. Thank you Tricia! We are very excited about the baby as there was a time when our children didn't think they wanted children at all and we were resigned never to be grandparents.

  5. awww what a lovely heartwarming story Jenni, I'm so glad that this little girlie has found her way to your home...I'm sure she'll be well loved there and wait until she sees all her sisters that are already there! ;)
    As for Bertie, he can come here any time he likes for a nice hug, we enjoy hugging and kissing in this house! ;)
    Big hugs xxx

  6. I am very happy to have found your blog. This is a lovely story.

  7. Here we have present;
    Pippi Langstrumpf and Pollyanna (don't know her story so far)and Harry Potter and Zwergnase (wich is a tale as well:
    Now I know, this family is deep-read and can't be bad.
    All the best for Dunjas settling into such a gemeinschaft.

  8. Aww - so lovely to have a heartwarming story for Christmas.
    I'm glad you like your foxy slippers Bertie. I think your new sister needs some better fitting footwear perhaps Santa will bring her some now she's got a real home!