Saturday, 17 October 2015

Another Dose of Zwergnase Juniors.

Close your eyes if you find my much-loved Zwergs are not to your taste!
I am very aware that they are far more like real children than many dolls. They do not smile all the time and their expressions change with the slightest tilt of the head. Some, like many a pre-teen or teenager, NEVER smile. But it is their very variety, the fact that some are not pretty in a conventional dolly sense, their moods and changeable expressions that make them like the real children in my classes that I still miss so much.

Here is Amelia.

She is a rarity. Amelia was designed and usually made with a carrot red wig but, presumably, the company ran out of the wigs and, having been asked for another one, they made her up as a blond, but still with her curls. It seems the person ordering her wanted to have the red haired look and didn't want her as a blond. So, lucky me! I was able to buy her.

Here she is in all her original outfit, except her hat, to show her wig a little better. This is the hardest hair to brush through on any of my dolls, but it is easy to style in different ways once it is brushed. Amelia is from the 2007 run of Juniors.

Lenka is from the 2014 collection, so has rooted hair. Sadly, like many of these rooted dolls, her hairline is poor and I am thinking of cutting her a fringe in to hide the roots on her forehead.

She has a very, very variable expression and, at first glance, I was not drawn to her because her stock photo makes her look extremely grumpy. I sometimes wonder if Zwergnase set out not to sell the Junior dolls at all, as their photos are often poorly posed (as if I have any right to say so, with my meagre ability in photography!) or the faces can even be almost completely hidden.

In the photo above, you can just about make out her light, gingery freckles but the light in this shot makes her 'skin' look paler than it is. (Told you, I'm a hopeless photographer!)

I think she was losing patience with my efforts here. Can't you hear her saying, 'Oh, come ON, Mam! It's booooooring standing here!!'

......and now it seems that Amelia is not too happy that Lenka has borrowed her hat for their joint photo, so maybe I should let them go and play  for a while. Divas or otherwise, there is only so much time a child wants to spend standing still for photographs to be taken.