Friday, 18 September 2015


Perhaps I am being a little unfair here. One of my 'twins' has been with me for a while but the second one is straight from Sasha Doll UK. Other Sashas have been here for as long as 35 years, so there are others who should have been shown here first!

I am so thrilled with them, though, that I felt the need to show them off straight away.

As you can probably guess, Shelly Baxter has repainted them for me. The flat, uniform brown of the Trendon Sweater Girls'eyes has never really appealed to me, but the doll on the left belonged to my good friend Ellie and was the only one she ever bought new so I wanted to keep her. When I saw her sister on Shelly's site, I decided to buy her and ask Shelly to turn them into twins.

At first glance, they look to have the same eye colour. But actually......

................Violette's are a blue/grey and..........

............. Hazel's are green.

These girls represent my grandmother, Violette Emma and her twin sister, Hazel Amelia.  They were born in 1888 when, of course, all girls had long hair, but they and their adoptive sister Georgianna were admitted to a fever hospital and, scarlet fever being frequently fatal in 1897, they were kept there for months. Their hair was cut short as long hair was believed to sap a patient's strength and slow, or prevent recovery. When they came out, they hoped to be allowed to keep their short locks, but were made to allow their hair to grow again, in order to be lady-like.

Hazel came to me with her hair as it was rooted, except that it was very dusty. All that was required was to have it washed and gently styled again. Being previously owned only by an adult, she had never had a trim or had her hair over brushed and her stringing was in good order. She stands well and is easier to pose and photograph than her sister. Her face is slightly wider than Violette's too. 

Violette has clearly had a hair trim. She looks more like a Gregor than a Sweater Girl at the moment, whilst there is no mistaking Hazel's typical Sweater Girl hair style. Violette's hair is also slightly frizzy over her left ear and is a little harsh to the touch, presumably she's had a child owner at some time. It is no problem though as washing and conditioning will improve that and they are, after all, fraternal, and not identical twins. Added to that, I love to know these dolls have belonged to and been played with by, a child - it is, after all, what they were designed and made for.

When I saw the two Ruth's Dolls kilt outfits for sale on Shelly's site, I snapped them up for the twins. They are, of course, far more my generation's clothing than that of my grandmother, but all my dolls are seasoned time travellers and I have always loved these sets. I may change the shoes to the traditional brown or black bar shoes, though.

I love the twins and, since Georgianna was raised as though she was their triplet, she will have to be shown here next time!


  1. They are Lovely Jenni, I do love how Shelly paints eyes. It so nice having a family connection to them, being the your grandmother and her twin.
    Also that Ellie's doll as been given a 'new' lease of life by becoming a twin. I look forward to seeing their adventures along with their 'triplet' over the coming months.
    And you can put your dolls on in any order you please including adding some of those Non Sasha's that live on the farm, it's always nice to see other dolls.. well apart from when they become another one to add to the never ending list of dolls required!! :)xxx

    1. Thank you, Dee. I do want to let Georgianna have her moment in the spotlight next but, as you know, there are rather a lot of non-Sashas waiting patiently to join in - that's why this blog is The Kids of Bryn Derw rather than just the Sashas of!

  2. I think they're gorgeous Jenni, they have lovely eyes, and as you know I LOVE the eyes that Shelly paints. I think the girls also make great twins, and love how you have dressed them.

    Big hugs Sharon xxx

    1. Hi Sharon!
      I love Shelly's work too. I've decided that, rather than saving for the more expensive Frido Sashas, I'll ask Shelly to gradually repaint those dolls I have that have tampa eyes. The Sweater girls have eyes that are particularly flat-looking eyes - think it is to do with the mix of blond hair and brown eyes.

    2. That sounds like a great plan!

  3. Have only just spotted this post...... SO must have completely missed it last week.
    As you know I love twins (and triplets!) and are lucky enough to have a set of identical twin girls in our family belongiing to (my youngest brother) and a boy/girl combo through one of my sister-in-law's family and have taught about five pairs during my teaching years plus one set of triplets....(and even taught the latter's mother!)

    I too love Shelly's customising of our doll's eyes and are thrilled to still have five examples living here.

    Adore the story of how they now represent your grandmother and her twin sister and their hair length link to part of their lives. Makes them even more special! (My eldest brother and I had Scarlet Fever when we were young.Very nasty!)

    Like how you have dressed them the same but with differences in the colours.
    Looking forward to seeing the third member of this group and then with them finally as triplets.

    Doesn't matter to me in which order your kids (although the Sashas are my favourites) are posted.....just please keep them coming!