Sunday, 6 September 2015

Because some people asked!

Now, no promises, because I am very disorganised and life has a habit of pushing what I need to do ahead of what I'd like to do, but I am going to attempt to give each of my Sashas and their brothers a moment in the limelight. It may take a very long time as there are rather a lot of them, but I will do my best.
They will not appear in any specific order as I am not especially interested in year of production, stringing colour etc. and have a very poor memory for the order in which they arrived here. As dear Ted Menten once said, my favourite is the one I happen to have in my hands at any given time, so I can't start with my favourites. Nor could I begin with my least favourites because I don't think a Sasha was ever made that I don't love. ( NO, DEE, not even a saucer eyed girl!)

So, because he jumped up and down and yelled about not having been out of the house this summer (Well, it has rained almost constantly. This IS Wales.) here is James, who might be my least common boy - a blue eyed Gregor dark. 

He is fond of climbing, encourages flies and insects as a means of keeping his sisters at bay- as you can see from the current pet fly on his jeans - and is prone to a touch of bed-head, hence the John Deere cap. He would love to be neat, but his hair doesn't always oblige him so he often wears a hat.

The lower resolution of the only camera that didn't require battery charging, gives him a slightly hazy, thoughtful look and makes it look as though his lips are completely worn away but, in fact, it is just that the paint was applied very thinly. His eyes are slightly darker than they appear here.

James came from SashaDollUK, as most of my Sashas have done. I think he has been with me for about 6 years. He has the later brown leg stringing and white arm stringing. 

There is something very gentle abour James.


  1. Oh I am SO pleased Jenni that you have taken up the challenge!
    A great Trendon lad to start with too. Hello James, so pleased to meet you. He's obviously a real country lad at heart too! Reminds me of my childhood spent out and about roaming the countryside around our family home.

  2. James is a very handsome lad to start with , I am surprised that Bertie did not push him out the way,so he could appear first.
    Lovely that his eye's are Blue with his brunette hair and very handsome combination, he looks very much the country boy with his John Deere tractor cap.
    A lovely start to the many many many posts to come :)xx

  3. Lovely to see James again - Henry sends his best wishes and remembers James and Emrys time here with fondness and good memories.

  4. Great start to the who's who blog posts Jenni! He's a nice looking little fellow with those blue eyes and his brunette hair! I look forward to 'meeting' all the rest of the gang :)

  5. Very lovely photos and your blue eyed, brunette boy is so handsome! I love his John Deere hat and the scenery is beautiful. A great post! :) xxx