Sunday, 27 September 2015

A short (OK, longish) interlude.......

By now, you all know how DREADFUL I am at staying on bloggy task! But in the interest of the sanity of my dear friend Dee (- not to mention that of her long-suffering, tolerant and dolly-bemused husband who probably hasn't a clue what Dee is on about when she mentions ' Jenni's Zwergnase dolls,' in the same way that I feel at a total loss when my DH mentions those wonderful, greasy bits that go to make the inside of one tractor different from one another-)  I am going off track here.

Well, it isn't ALL because Dee wants to see my not-quite-but-almost-as-large-a-family-as-that-of-my-Sasha-family of Zwergnase Junior dolls. It also has to do with lost clothing. Georgianna, adopted triplet of Violette and Hazel has her own Ruth's Dolls kilt set but it is not to hand and she refuses to wear anything else. As I said she would appear next in the Sasha doll photos, I need to stray for a while.

So, without further ado, here are some of my Zwergs. Now remember, these are the Marmite of the doll world, you either love them, or hate them. So avert your eyes if you hate Marmite  --- no, I mean, avert your eyes if you find Zwergnase Junior dolls distasteful. But please, no mean comments, they look tough but they are quite sensitive little souls! There is a little cousin of theirs in Spain who has not appeared too frequently since some slightly mean comments were made!

This is Tina. She has strawberry blond, rooted hair and has chosen to wear a Kidz'n'Cats outfit, topped off with a Hattie hat. I love the slightly puzzled expression on this sculpt.

At 20" tall, these dolls are much bigger than Sashas and a good 2" taller than the Kidz dolls, so the outfit is not perfect for her, but I dislike seeing little girls in the kind of outfit she came in. Just personal taste, of course, but belly tops and pedal pushers are not my favourite look. So here is Tina again, in a Sharon Humphries special rara set.

These are not the best of photos, even by my limitted standard, as it was too bright to show the dolls' true colouring and too windy to keep them stading upright and their hair in place. I like these girls to have a fringe if they have rooted hair as the roots show a lot otherwise, but hers seems very long and in her eyes. The teacher in me worries about her seeing her school work properly, though I can't decide whether I should trim it, would it alter her personalitly too much?

Next is Dhana. She arrived with braids and is an early, wigged doll. When I untied the braids, which were untidy after over 10 years stored at Zwergnase, I discovered her wig is made of rich coloured real hair, so I left it loose, to settle a little.

Oddly, she looks grumpy here, as she normally seems to have a gentle, rosebud mouth. She is wearing most of her original outfit as she has only been here a few days. Once her hair is conditioned properly, I think I'll rebraid it for her.

This is Zwergnase's stock photo. I think she lookes surprised here The slightest difference in the tilt of the head of these dolls makes a huge difference to their 'moods.'

Next in the row of three is Trisha.

She is one of only 13, made specifically for Trisha Pant, of KR Bears and Dolls. She had the doll made to represent herself and another run of 12 blond ones to represent her sister, Karen.

She also chose a lovely rara skirt set by Sharon to wear. Once again, the strong sun and wind combination has given a rumpled, faded look to the photos.

Number four is Tosca. 'Born' in 2004, she is a wigged doll and has the same sculpt as Tina.

Oh, how I love my little Tosca! She has so much personality. At the moment, I have very few photos of her. I did, however, catch her up the little apple tree after bedtime last night. She was waiting to see the lunar eclipse.

 She is a cross between myself as a child and Pippi Longstocking in that she pays little attention to the norms of life. She is currently wearing pyjamas by Maru & Friends and, apart from her feet, seems to have almost the same measurements as Maru.
Pyjamas? Well, they are just trousers and a top, aren't they?
And climbing trees is so much easier in bare feet.
Go to bed? TONIGHT? Don't you know that this lunar eclipse is an important event that won't happen again for years and years until I'm grown up and too old to enjoy it, just like you are, Mam?
She finally went indoors, grumbing all the while. When we got up to watch it, though, her bed was empty and there she was, waiting patiently in the garden....

......watching the sky.
And, when the eclipse was over, there she stayed until just after dawn,

when she could be sure the giant dog who lay nearby would not run the risk of being scared of the dark.

Well, that's the first four of my mwphmphwmh.
Who? Me? Mumbling? Speak up, did you say?
I said that is the first four of my sixteen Zwerg Junior kids. Fourteen 20" and two smaller ones.
Yes, yes, I know, I'm greedy. Yes it was six and ten more, sixteen in total...
....No, I didn't lie on Facebook - I really did think I only had 12 bigger kids when I said that but, like Sashas, the Zwergs invite their pals to move in and..........

The other fourteen Zwergs are lining up for their photo shoots, so more to come soon.

Friday, 18 September 2015


Perhaps I am being a little unfair here. One of my 'twins' has been with me for a while but the second one is straight from Sasha Doll UK. Other Sashas have been here for as long as 35 years, so there are others who should have been shown here first!

I am so thrilled with them, though, that I felt the need to show them off straight away.

As you can probably guess, Shelly Baxter has repainted them for me. The flat, uniform brown of the Trendon Sweater Girls'eyes has never really appealed to me, but the doll on the left belonged to my good friend Ellie and was the only one she ever bought new so I wanted to keep her. When I saw her sister on Shelly's site, I decided to buy her and ask Shelly to turn them into twins.

At first glance, they look to have the same eye colour. But actually......

................Violette's are a blue/grey and..........

............. Hazel's are green.

These girls represent my grandmother, Violette Emma and her twin sister, Hazel Amelia.  They were born in 1888 when, of course, all girls had long hair, but they and their adoptive sister Georgianna were admitted to a fever hospital and, scarlet fever being frequently fatal in 1897, they were kept there for months. Their hair was cut short as long hair was believed to sap a patient's strength and slow, or prevent recovery. When they came out, they hoped to be allowed to keep their short locks, but were made to allow their hair to grow again, in order to be lady-like.

Hazel came to me with her hair as it was rooted, except that it was very dusty. All that was required was to have it washed and gently styled again. Being previously owned only by an adult, she had never had a trim or had her hair over brushed and her stringing was in good order. She stands well and is easier to pose and photograph than her sister. Her face is slightly wider than Violette's too. 

Violette has clearly had a hair trim. She looks more like a Gregor than a Sweater Girl at the moment, whilst there is no mistaking Hazel's typical Sweater Girl hair style. Violette's hair is also slightly frizzy over her left ear and is a little harsh to the touch, presumably she's had a child owner at some time. It is no problem though as washing and conditioning will improve that and they are, after all, fraternal, and not identical twins. Added to that, I love to know these dolls have belonged to and been played with by, a child - it is, after all, what they were designed and made for.

When I saw the two Ruth's Dolls kilt outfits for sale on Shelly's site, I snapped them up for the twins. They are, of course, far more my generation's clothing than that of my grandmother, but all my dolls are seasoned time travellers and I have always loved these sets. I may change the shoes to the traditional brown or black bar shoes, though.

I love the twins and, since Georgianna was raised as though she was their triplet, she will have to be shown here next time!

Sunday, 6 September 2015

Because some people asked!

Now, no promises, because I am very disorganised and life has a habit of pushing what I need to do ahead of what I'd like to do, but I am going to attempt to give each of my Sashas and their brothers a moment in the limelight. It may take a very long time as there are rather a lot of them, but I will do my best.
They will not appear in any specific order as I am not especially interested in year of production, stringing colour etc. and have a very poor memory for the order in which they arrived here. As dear Ted Menten once said, my favourite is the one I happen to have in my hands at any given time, so I can't start with my favourites. Nor could I begin with my least favourites because I don't think a Sasha was ever made that I don't love. ( NO, DEE, not even a saucer eyed girl!)

So, because he jumped up and down and yelled about not having been out of the house this summer (Well, it has rained almost constantly. This IS Wales.) here is James, who might be my least common boy - a blue eyed Gregor dark. 

He is fond of climbing, encourages flies and insects as a means of keeping his sisters at bay- as you can see from the current pet fly on his jeans - and is prone to a touch of bed-head, hence the John Deere cap. He would love to be neat, but his hair doesn't always oblige him so he often wears a hat.

The lower resolution of the only camera that didn't require battery charging, gives him a slightly hazy, thoughtful look and makes it look as though his lips are completely worn away but, in fact, it is just that the paint was applied very thinly. His eyes are slightly darker than they appear here.

James came from SashaDollUK, as most of my Sashas have done. I think he has been with me for about 6 years. He has the later brown leg stringing and white arm stringing. 

There is something very gentle abour James.