Saturday, 20 June 2015

Three for World Doll Day Tag.

This is the first post in ages. I have really lost the dolly plot recently and being tagged by Sharon Humphries ( ) is probably the nudge I need to start up again.

She asked me to
  show my three favourite dolls purchased in the last year,
  show three dolls on my wish list for the coming year
  and to tag five people to do the same.

The last of these requests is impossible as everybody I could have tagged has already been involved. The other two requests are difficult because I love so many dolls and would like them all! I'm not greedy by nature unless we are talking about dolls.......!

So..... Dolls purchased in the last year....

First is Gerda, an Early Gotz Sasha doll, bought in December last year, who has become a true favourite. Oddly, I never thought I wanted one, but she just seemed to call to me and I couldn't resist her. She has much better hair than most early Gotz girls and such a gentle face.

 Secondly, we have Tina, a Zwergnase Junior doll, sold to me by Sharon's friend, Anita. I love her changeable expression - sometimes anxious, sometimes puzzled, sometimes studying something intently that only she can see.

Third is Matilda-Jane. She is a Girl For All Time Matilda doll that came dressed in beautiful Tudor clothes, but is wearing more suitable clothing for life on our smallholding just now. It has proved difficult to take photos indoors. This is a poor photo and doesn't do her justice, but I have tried and tried to take a good one

   Here's a closer shot - wish the wind would drop so I could get better photos of her. She has an interesting face and I like her precisely because she does not have a doll-pretty look, but it is difficult to capture her at her best. She seems to have more staring eyes here than in reality.

I've had a wonderful dolly year. My family have been so kind to me and I have had the chance to buy three more lovely Sashas from friends (thank you Sharon, Dee and Ronny!) and another five Sashas have moved in here on top of that.

My aim here has been to show a range of the 16" to 20" dolls because, in truth, my favourite doll tends to be the one I am playing with at that particular time and I couldn't say which are my permanent favourites, except perhaps for Gerda. Each of my many dolls has his or her special features or personality and I love them all.

Now who is on my wish list? Another difficult question!

Should I have a wish list? I do have rather more dolls than most doll people, but there's always room for three more so, top of my list of If-I-Won-The-Lottery-I-Never-Buy-A-Ticket-For collection are:

1: A Fairyland Little Fee.This photo came from an open photo collection on Google. No credit was given for it, so I am hoping the owner of the original won't mind. Her brown eyes and dark hair are particularly attractive to me.

 2: A Unisex Early Gotz Sasha doll and, again, I beg pardon from this doll's owner, who ever that might be, for using this. As s/he is a vintage doll, I have no idea where to find another photo to show the type I'd like, other than on open collections on Google.

3: Another boy doll, but not a Sasha Gregor or a Kidz'n'Cats ( I have enough!). There are obviously fewer to choose from than there are of girl dolls, so this is where I throw the floor open to anybody who has suggestions They would be most welcome! BJD? Vintage hard plastic or composition? Vinyl? Ideas would be appreciated!