Sunday, 5 April 2015

An Easter Break!

I'm afraid whatever is wriggling in the package that Reuben took charge of last week has been left there. He felt the need to drag it outsde but, as it has been pouring down ever since, it has been left there, unopened. Perhaps he will bravely see what it holds later today....


But in the meantime, we are taking an Easter break. The weather is suddenly glorious and Angelina has nipped home from her trip to chapel before the others. She is well aware that short arms and legs put her at a disadvantage in the annual Easter egg hunt.

She's just a little nervous round the donkeys and sheep - they are rather large - but she's prepared to brave them in her search for chocolate.

'You seen shiny wrapped Easter eggs, Cosmo?' she asks the donkey. ' No! S'pose if you had, you'd have eatened them!' she says, remembering that Cosmo loves sweet things too.
He does have a slightly guilty look this morning.

' Will you tell me if you knows where there's eggs to eat, Hobie?' she asks Hobo, but he's sunbathing on an old board and just yawns and stretches.

She asks the biggest lamb, 'You know where Mam and Dada hid the eggs while I was at chapel?'
But the lamb is more interested in where the best tasting grass is growing and whether she can find it before the rest of her flock.

 Angel decides there is no point in asking the hens. They would just give her a hard-shelled egg with no chocolate inside.
She is feeling a little sad now. If she doesn't find an egg soon, the bigger kids will be back and, if they find them all, they might not share.

 Dada s busy with the sheep, so he won't have time to help. Mam's probably busy cooking lunch and anyway, she hid the eggs, so she won't tell where they are, it is meant to be an Easter egg HUNT.

Almost in despair, Angelina finds her bear, Ozzie. At least she can have an Easter hug, she thinks sadly.

'Up there!' says Ozzie. 'Mam hid your share of the eggs up there!'

Angelina fetches her special egg keeper hen. Ozzie climbs high onto the garden..................

..................and hands down three large, shiny eggs and twelve little sugary ones.

Five minutes later, Angel and Ozzie are hiding amongst the plants.

' Three big chocloate eggs' she says.' That's one for Timmy, one for Connor and one for me.

'Don't need one for Teddy now cos he lives in Spain so it would get melty and he has ice-cream on the beach instead.  Don't need any for the big kids, they can find their own. Don't need any for babies as they'd get sick.
'Then we got twelve little ones, hmm!'
 She has to think hard as twelve is a high number.

Suddenly, she smiles.

'Three for you because you helped find them Ozzie and they won't make your fur sticky like the chocolatey ones. One for me, one for Connor and one for Timmy, that makes, erm? Six? That leaves...erm? Six more. We share those tomorrow, Ozzie!'

Happy Easter, everybody!