Thursday, 5 March 2015

A Group Photo.

A new baby brother arrived at Bryn Derw yesterday and Elijah wants to take a photograph of him with our other early baby boy, Gwynfor. He is looking for a good place for a photo shoot.

He thinks that, with the flowers coming out, this might be a good place. After all, it is springy and soft to sit on and the baby boys won't hurt themselves if they fall over. But he didn't think too hard about...........

..................just how hard it would be to get them up the slope.

'Hey! Connor! Do you want to be in the photo with the little ones?' he calls.

 K.' says Connor. ' Need you give me a bunk up there, though.'

'Ow, you're hurtig me!' yells Elijah.

'Wheeee!' cries Connor. 'Sorry, 'Lijah, but that be fun!'

'Right, everybody say cheese -- Oh, Con, don't pull his hat off.' says Elijah.

'I not! I never! I just THINKING!' Connor whines.

'OK - lets take the ... ' Elijah begins. 'Oh, no, Gwynfor! Where is your shoe? We must have dropped it when we came across the garden. Are your feet cold?'

'Aw, thanks, Con.' he says, thinking Connor will soon be back with Gwynfor's shoe.

'Right! Now, this is it! Photo time!' says Elijah dramatically, when he notices Connor has come back. 'Ready? Say Ch....... Connor! What's that on your head? ARE THOSE YOUR UNDERPANTS?????'

 'Nindyponts?' asks Gwynfor.

 'Uddypips?' asks the new baby.

'No!' Connor says, smiling happily. 'I got hat on! Hat with stringy-bobbly things in the corners, like you, mine baby brothers!'

'Phew,' Elijah says to the babies, five minutes later. ' Now Connor's gone, lets take a proper photo, with just the two of you in it!'

Our new little baby, in blue, doesn't have a name yet. So far, he hasn't told us what he'd like to be called . Gwynfor, my first Sasha baby ever, is delighted to have another blond baby boy to play with.


  1. Awww these are lovely photos Jenni, all bright and greeny too :) I love the babies and even the photo of Connor with his knickers on his head, perfect! And a big WELCOME to the new baby, very sweet! When I see photos like these I feel bad that my baby has only two outfits....he needs more attention and I really must be the one to give it to him, not leave that to my little Himstedt girl! ;)
    And you have them all dressed so nicely too :)
    Big hugs Sharon xxx

    1. Well, between you, Kendal and Dee, showing off beautiful photos of babies, I felt quite left out and just had to let mine take the limelight for a while.
      Then, of course, Connor had to jump in and steal their thunder. Elijah should have known better than to invite him to take part in the photo shoot!

      Perhaps we should have a Sasha Baby Month? Mine need more outfits too, especially the girls, because my kids do traditional or modern, but not the frilly stuff that came between the two and it is hard to find girls things without frills and bows. Inspire me to sew, Sharon!

  2. Lovely babies Jenni, and lovely wooly outfits ! What a sweetie that dear boy Connor is , love his take on the babies hat!! Elijah was very patient with them all :) xxx

    1. Eek! Nearly deleted your comment instead of replying.

      Connor and Lukey, two of a kind! But they are related so what should I expect?

      How is Master Lucas, by the way? He's been suspiciously quiet recently. Maybe Hattie should check on him, he might be unravelling all her carefully crafted hats. I can't imagine what will happen f he and Elfine join forces either, she DOES have a slightly imperious manner and Lukas might see her as the heiress of the Ice Queen and slip back into old ways...........

  3. What a super post Jen! I had to smile when I saw Con wearing a pair of pants on his head :) So, come on what are you going to call your new bub?

    1. Still thinking about a name. They usually seem to have something that fits when I see them, but this little man is being secretive! I won't lt him be in any other posts until he decides for himself what he's going to be called, though Maybe that will spur him on.

  4. Hihihi*
    Pants on the head, ... I saw these solution ... anywhere :)

    Lovely babies in wonderful cardies.
    Great scene, Jenni.

    1. I so enjoyed your competition winning photo of the fair baby and her teddy and felt it was time some of mine came out to play too!

  5. Great story and fabulous knitwear!

    1. Story? It happened just as it was told, hee hee. The Sashasdo seem to have a life of their own sometimes, though!

  6. Connor - your underpants as a hat! I can hear Lucas approving loudly over at the Sasha Village. The babies in their gorgeous knitwear are very brave to climb that flowering bush (thanks Elijah). Where did their lovely knits come from?

    1. I think Connor is every bit as naughty as Lucas used to be, he's just a little quieter about it. These boys are such fun!
      Lazy so'n'so that I've become, I now tend to buy most of my Sasha clothes, and both baby sets came from Shelly's site. I think they are by Sheila Vincent.

      My mother made Connor's sweater long ago when she could still follow a pattern. Officially it is my girl toddler, Angelina's. She was still an Ester with falling hair and eyes that were two different colours, but Mum enjoyed dressing her.

      I was wracking my brains as to where the grey one that Elijah is wearing came from. I'm terrible at remembering who made what, shame on me for not giving credit to the skll o others. Thinking about it, I am pretty sure it was by Andrea Jacques but, f anybody else knows better, please tell me.

    2. Thanks for the info about their knits. Yes, I agree the toddlers are fun (and no, you're not lazy).

  7. How thoughtful of Elijah to be looking for a nice spot for the babies to sit for their photoshoot plus he obviously has the makings of a good photographer selecting the backgrounds with care.

    Love your new little baby. A perfect playmate for your previous little lad.
    Connor's entry onto the scene certainly caused us to enjoy a smile or two.
    (PS. Did you recently buy Gwynfor's outfit from Sashadolluk? If so then that was one of The Broods.)

    1. Hello Kendal - just tried to post a comment on your blog, but still no luck, sorry. Loved seeing your girls in their coats, especially Chon!

      Yes, I just bought the baby set for the baby and love it.
      I am quite capable of knitting fairisle and intarsia myself, but far too lazy these days. Isthe set by Sheila Vincent? I thnk both baby sets are. I'm old enough to still love babies in knitwear (and children in proper woven cloth coats!) though I do love the Dollydoodle look too.

    2. Yes, that outfit was knitted by Sheila Vincent from hand dyed Alpaca wool. I so loved the colouring.....but can't keep on keeping everything as their large clothing boxes are now overflowing!
      Hope that you (or Connor) have since found Gwynfor's shoe.

    3. Actually, Kendal, it has been missing for ages!

      Once again, I wish I could remember who made them all those years ago - it is styled on the Jumping Jack shoes that Start-Right made from the 50s through tothe early 70s, the ones with the sole that went all the way up the back of the shoe. Do you remember them?

      Somewhere, there is a pair in storage - Hannah's first proper shoes when she started walking - memories! I'm so sentimental.