Monday, 2 February 2015

Looking for Mrs. Mum.


Does anybody know where I might find Mrs. Mum? I know she lives at The Sasha Village, but I'm not sure of where that is.

I'd introduce myself, but nobody ever bothered to give me a name. I don't quite remember where I've lived in the past but, in recent years, I've waited for Mrs. Ellie to retire so she could make me some clothes, but that didn't happen because she was poorly.

Then I moved here, to Bryn Derw. It's OK here, but I always knew it wasn't permanent and now, well, I'd quite like to move on as I've once again been spending rather a lot of time without proper clothes and sleeping in a box, waiting for never-ending building work to stop.

I heard there is a vacancy for a boy like me to move into The Sasha Village. So, you see, that's why I need to find Mrs. Mum because I want to apply for the vacant place there.

If you're there Mrs. Mum......... will I do? it possible that you might give me a real home? The sort of home with somewhere other than a box to sleep and perhaps the occaisional drink of hot chocolate and sandwich to eat?

I don't take up too much room and I'm not a greedy boy. I like helping grown ups with mending stuff and garden jobs. I get on well with other kids and even quite like babies, so I could help out with that too, if there are babies at The Village. As you can see, I can stand very firmly on my own two feet and, though my arm muscles aren't as strong as the ones in my legs, they are OK. The marks on my face are from the camera flash because it's very gloomy today.

If you let me join The Village kids, I'd try my best to be ever so good.

 Only, I'd like to come, if you'll have me....... Please?

 I'll wait by the computer for your reply.


  1. I'm sure he will end up at the village somehow :) If you ever have any Sasha babies (especially a redhead baby) that need a home please think of me...I am getting quite fond of long as they don't lose their hair!

  2. Will do, Ronnie. Mum is ready to rehome some of hers, but not her babies....yet!
    J x

    1. Thanks Jen! I hope you didn't mind me asking :)

    2. Not at all! Frends should get first dibs on dolls from our house. My view is that we've 'had our money's worth' in the fun they give us and, when it is time for them to ove along, I'd rather give to friends than sell. If Mum decides to give up some of her babies, I'll let you know.

    3. 'course it would help if I could spell the word 'friends'..... MS playing up and keep not hitting the keys hard enough! I see our olls 'ove' on, too. ARGH!

    4. It's okay Jen...I know what you meant to say :)
      If it is any comfort I do the same thing myself most of the time :)

  3. Dear Boy,
    I hope you'll find Mrs.Mum soon. I hope as well, she's got a place for you there in The Village!

  4. Dear Mrs. Digne
    Thank you for your kind words of encouragement. Living at The Sasha Village looks such fun, I would love to be there.
    Best wishes,
    Boy No-Name

  5. I think this lovely young man would fit in rather well at The Sasha I do hope he finds Mrs Mum really soon.....she might have a jumper he can put on over his shirt as he looks a bit chilly without one.
    Big hugs Sharon xxx

    1. He is grateful for the shirt and trousers - y-fronts were an improvement on what he wore until today.....!

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  7. Dear Sebastian
    For that is the name that just entered Mrs Mum's head while reading your post request. We would love to have you come and live with us in the Sasha Village.
    We could do with a few more boys as we are well out numbered by the girls and even the BABIES!! Mrs Mum says she does not know how that happened?? Yeah right!! It's her finger that hits the button!!
    And Mrs Mum misses Morgan a little black lad who lived with us for a while , so if you'd like to come we'll send a ticket and directions.
    I'll even sort you out some clothes to wear which will hopefully stop Mrs Mum buying any more as she's supposed to be selling clothes!!
    So hope to see you soon
    your soon to be new brother
    Ps don't talk about doing all those jobs or she'll be wanting us all to do them too!!

  8. Hello Robin

    Yay! I have a NAME and a BROTHER all at the same time!

    If I had any belongings, I'd be packing right now. But I'll be travelling in a few days time and can't wait to meet you.

    Your BROTHER (I love that word)
    Sebastian (and I love my name too)

  9. Hope that you find Mrs Mum and that she can take you in there! (I think that she has allowed herself to have 12 new dolls this year so you might well be lucky.)

    1. I think the number was TEN, not that I will get anywhere near that......

    2. He doesn't count, Kendal, because I'm forcing Dee to take one of my dear friend Ellie's lads!

  10. I do hope he finds Mrs Mum! Mrs. Mum's home is just the best! I love happy endings too so please keep us posted about this dear boy! :) xxx