Monday, 2 February 2015

Looking for Mrs. Mum.


Does anybody know where I might find Mrs. Mum? I know she lives at The Sasha Village, but I'm not sure of where that is.

I'd introduce myself, but nobody ever bothered to give me a name. I don't quite remember where I've lived in the past but, in recent years, I've waited for Mrs. Ellie to retire so she could make me some clothes, but that didn't happen because she was poorly.

Then I moved here, to Bryn Derw. It's OK here, but I always knew it wasn't permanent and now, well, I'd quite like to move on as I've once again been spending rather a lot of time without proper clothes and sleeping in a box, waiting for never-ending building work to stop.

I heard there is a vacancy for a boy like me to move into The Sasha Village. So, you see, that's why I need to find Mrs. Mum because I want to apply for the vacant place there.

If you're there Mrs. Mum......... will I do? it possible that you might give me a real home? The sort of home with somewhere other than a box to sleep and perhaps the occaisional drink of hot chocolate and sandwich to eat?

I don't take up too much room and I'm not a greedy boy. I like helping grown ups with mending stuff and garden jobs. I get on well with other kids and even quite like babies, so I could help out with that too, if there are babies at The Village. As you can see, I can stand very firmly on my own two feet and, though my arm muscles aren't as strong as the ones in my legs, they are OK. The marks on my face are from the camera flash because it's very gloomy today.

If you let me join The Village kids, I'd try my best to be ever so good.

 Only, I'd like to come, if you'll have me....... Please?

 I'll wait by the computer for your reply.