Saturday, 31 January 2015

A Bear, A Chair and Missing Children.

What's this? A bear with a chair?

Oh, it's you Growley Bear. What are you doing?

Really, Mam, even young Bertie knows about solidarity!

Ah! (?)

Yes, I am taking part in an act of solidarity with my bretheren at Commoneo and The Village. Not to mention picking up the pieces for you.


Just let me move my chair a little further, and then I'll explain. (Because some people are VERY slow to understand the most simple things.)

OOF!  I'm not a strong as I used to be!

So, I'll take five minutes rest whilst I explain the obvious to the slow learners amongst us. (To think that I spent my cub years thinking she knew so much!)

The bears at Comoneo have been thrown out into the cold, carrying their worldly goods, otherwise known as their comfy chairs, with them.

 Meanwhile, that Mrs. Mum at The Village provides luxury living for Sashas, but doesn't even offer  one comfortable chair between the many bears in residence. So, untill The Village bears have chairs and the Commoneo bears have a room of their own to put their chairs in, I will be removing our chairs. That means the bears here must sit on the floor, thereby sharing the discomfort of of our ursine bretheren!

Oh. I didn't know you were a member of a union. You certainly sound like a union leader....but what about the picking up the pieces bit?

YOU put those poor Sashas and babies to sleep in boxes. Then YOU lost the boxes. So, SOMEBODY must set off to find them.They are not in the house, so I must search outside.
 I've been saving your bacon for over 50 years now, so I'm quite used to picking up the pieces when you cause a disaster.

Well, er, thank you very much Growley ( I think?). So that's why you are wearing strong shoes and a hat... but isn't it a little cold for lederhosen?

Is that more in the way of solidarity with the Commoneo bears, with them being German speaking bears?

SIGH! I AM A BEAR!!! All European bears are Germanic by tradition. I have worn my lederhosen for many years, ever since I lost my mohair, and will do so until I die. It's a matter of bear pride.

OK...but I hope your knees don't freeze.

No chance! I'm a seasoned hiker.

What about your ears, won't they be cold?

I'm wearing a HAT. Of course my ears won't get cold! (Really, she isn't as bright as she used to be!)

Mein Vater war ein Wandersmann,
Und mir steckt's auch im Blut;
Drum wandr' ich flott, so lang ich kann,
Und schwenke meinen Hut.

No worries Mam! I'll save the Sashas! 

Faleri, falera, faleri,
Falera ha ha ha ha ha ha
Faleri, falera,
Und schwenke meinen Hut.


  1. Hello Mr Growley

    Thank you for joining with us to get some chairs and save the Commoneo bears from wandering the snowy fields looking for a warm place to shelter along with their very nice chairs ! Yes CHAIRS!! as in more than one!
    I hope you find the Sasha's that the old lady you live with lost! Be careful out in that cold and snow and should you find any bear chairs we would be quite happy for you to send them here!
    Your friend
    Mossy the Green

    1. Hello Mr Mossy,

      I have searched the garden, the sheds, the barns and the hen coops but found neither trace of lost Sasha children nor new chairs to send to you.

      Ahem, this is a lttle delicate.... may I ask how smaxxxxxx TALL, you are? It is rather difficult to know how large a chair you might need, just by looking at photos.

      Please keep consulting your emerald. Perhaps you will find lost children as well as drawing decent seating to yourself and your friends.

      Very best wishes,

  2. I don't want my bears seeing this post and causing a riot.... :)

  3. Madam!

    We bears do not RIOT!

    We are calm and collected in a crisis, handle our affairs with decorum and generally object to that phrase 'a bear garden,' which is usually applied to human classrooms (nobody sees what goes on in the teachers' staffroom!), in bars close to high cost private schools and, of course, in that House of Commons place. There is no truth in the iplication that bears are unruly.

    WE know how to put our point across by peaceful and orderly means. It is humans and politicians who can't control themselves.

    Yours respectfully (if a little huffily),
    G. Bear.

  4. Dear Mr. Growley, Sir,

    your statement affected us deeply. We are moved to tears about your speak.
    The Leathertrousers, the folk song
    and above all the solidarity with all bears reminding us to trust our fundamentals.
    Thanks a lot!

    If you want to hear the song in german, just click here

    A Room For One's Own!
    Ursa Minor,
    as representative of the Commoneobears
    (we just don't know were some of us got to)

    1. Hello Ursa Minor!

      Thank you for the link to the German version. It has loong been my favourite song, though I only know the first verse in German. I must improve my knowledge and listening to others singing will help me greatly. I thnk the Englih version was not properly traslated, but perhaps that is so that the words would still fit to the tune.

      I love my lederhosen! They were a gift from Travelling Uncle Roland, back in 1959 and, along with my Alpine hat (temporariy mislaid), they are my most precious posessions. I do wear other clothes but, when there is something special to do or I am going on an outing, they are the clothes I insist on wearing.

      Growley Bear

  5. Thoroughly enjoyed every single word of it! Love your childhood bear especially in that rigout!
    Many thanks.

    1. Hi Kendal
      Dear old Growley! He has been around so long that he's a living legend in this family. He was bought for me in 1956 and went everywhere with me for years.

      When I was 4, I was in hospital to have my tonsils removed and his 'growler' broke and the spring came through his stomach. A kindly doctor tried to 'operate' on him. I screamed and screamed for him to stop until he'd got Annie. They were hurting him and I wanted the to have some of Annie's-thetic before the operation began! It is one of my clearest childhood memories.

      Every time my Uncle Roland went overseas, he would bring each of we children a gift and there was always something for Growley and for my brother's bear, Jane. (Odd that my bear was a boy and my brother's was a girl!). He bought outfits for them when in Germany as he knew the owner of a toy factory specialising in dolls and bears.

      Sadly, poor old Growley is now wering away completly in places, but he's a bear of courage and soldiers on.

  6. What a handsome old bear!! Love his choice of clothing too, obviously a bear with a lot of style :)
    I love bears who have a bit of history, I will have to share my bear one of these days :)
    Big hugs Sharon xxx