Saturday, 31 January 2015

A Bear, A Chair and Missing Children.

What's this? A bear with a chair?

Oh, it's you Growley Bear. What are you doing?

Really, Mam, even young Bertie knows about solidarity!

Ah! (?)

Yes, I am taking part in an act of solidarity with my bretheren at Commoneo and The Village. Not to mention picking up the pieces for you.


Just let me move my chair a little further, and then I'll explain. (Because some people are VERY slow to understand the most simple things.)

OOF!  I'm not a strong as I used to be!

So, I'll take five minutes rest whilst I explain the obvious to the slow learners amongst us. (To think that I spent my cub years thinking she knew so much!)

The bears at Comoneo have been thrown out into the cold, carrying their worldly goods, otherwise known as their comfy chairs, with them.

 Meanwhile, that Mrs. Mum at The Village provides luxury living for Sashas, but doesn't even offer  one comfortable chair between the many bears in residence. So, untill The Village bears have chairs and the Commoneo bears have a room of their own to put their chairs in, I will be removing our chairs. That means the bears here must sit on the floor, thereby sharing the discomfort of of our ursine bretheren!

Oh. I didn't know you were a member of a union. You certainly sound like a union leader....but what about the picking up the pieces bit?

YOU put those poor Sashas and babies to sleep in boxes. Then YOU lost the boxes. So, SOMEBODY must set off to find them.They are not in the house, so I must search outside.
 I've been saving your bacon for over 50 years now, so I'm quite used to picking up the pieces when you cause a disaster.

Well, er, thank you very much Growley ( I think?). So that's why you are wearing strong shoes and a hat... but isn't it a little cold for lederhosen?

Is that more in the way of solidarity with the Commoneo bears, with them being German speaking bears?

SIGH! I AM A BEAR!!! All European bears are Germanic by tradition. I have worn my lederhosen for many years, ever since I lost my mohair, and will do so until I die. It's a matter of bear pride.

OK...but I hope your knees don't freeze.

No chance! I'm a seasoned hiker.

What about your ears, won't they be cold?

I'm wearing a HAT. Of course my ears won't get cold! (Really, she isn't as bright as she used to be!)

Mein Vater war ein Wandersmann,
Und mir steckt's auch im Blut;
Drum wandr' ich flott, so lang ich kann,
Und schwenke meinen Hut.

No worries Mam! I'll save the Sashas! 

Faleri, falera, faleri,
Falera ha ha ha ha ha ha
Faleri, falera,
Und schwenke meinen Hut.