Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Why, Mam? Why?

Teddy is a quiet little lad. He also suffers slightly from GTBD (Gotz Toddler Balance Disfunction) which makes it hard to keep up with his more robust friends, Angelina, Timmy and Connor. His disability is not too severe and Connor does try to help him out when he gets left behind.

Today, however, Teddy is keen to go for a walk and, to make sure he isn't left behind again, he climbs up onto the gate to wait, where he can see Mam and the dog when they set off.

'You are up early today.' says Mam.

' Have to get ready for walking.You left me at home yesterday. Why, Mam? Why?' he asks.

'Because the snow was deep and you don't have wellington boots.'

 'Somebody did take the snow away. Why did they do that Mam? Why?' he asks.

 'It warmed up yesterday afternoon and the snow melted.' Mam tells him.

 'Is this snow? Why it didn't melt? Why Mam?'

No it's frost. 'Mam begins, wondering if he'll understand. 'The moisture in the air turned to little ice crystals when it got cold again last night and...'

'Not be frosty. Frosty be a snowman in a song. This be fairy tree forest. Why you not look properly Mam?'  says Teddy.

...... and he could be right!

'Climb down now and you can help feed the geese.' Mam says.

Can't see the geeses. They not out yet, why Mam? Why?' Teddy wants to know.

'They like to stay in the barn until we break the ice on their drinker dishes because they can still get a drink in here where it is too warm for water to freeze.' Mam explains.

'Oh, so why we don't give them cup of tea or coffee for to warm them up. Why Mam? Why we don't give them hot drink? Why?' Teddy wants to know.

'Come on, we'll break the ice for them.' Mam says, trying to change the subject.

The dog gets there first and, not wanting to round sheep in the cold, he pretends to be much less bright than most collies, and pretends he thinks he can drink the ice that formed there over night.

'Mam, why Quango drinking hard water? Why Mam?' Teddy starts again. 'Ooh, look! Somebody broked a window!'

' No that's the ice Dada broke out of the water dish yesterday. It still hasn't melted. Put it down and help me break the ice that's in there now so the geese can drink. Then we can walk down to the stream.' Mam says.

'Mam? Why there's lots of frosties here but not lots over there?' Here we go again!

'' Because it takes longer for the sun to warm up the ground close to the hedge than it does in the middle of the field.' Mam says.

'Look, Mam, more icy stuff. And the grass looks like trees, too! Why...oops! OWW!'

Teddy finds it hard to stay on his feet.

'Mam...?' Uh-oh, he's about to ask another question!

'Why you let Blackberry-the-Ninja-Cat, an' Hobo-Fat-Cat an' Blue-Boo-Boo come for walks in cold, frosty icy days, when they not got shoes on?? Why Mam? Why?'

'Listen Teddy,' says Mam wearily. ' Why don't you look for some interesting things and when you've found three or four, you can ask me about them all at once.'

'K,' says Teddy as he thinks hard about whether three is more than four, or if it's the other way ruond. ' But Mam...'

Mam realises the questions will go on pouring forth.

'Why these tyre marks a funny shape? Why?' comes the next question.

'Tractors have to be able to run in places that cars can't go, so they have bigger wheels and the tyres have different treads, to grip on mud, ice or snow.'
Do the why questions ever come to an end, wonders Mam.

 'Look at the frosty spots on this leaf, Mam. Why the frost grow in drops?'

'Why these brackens so crunchy, Mam? They was green and soft before. Why they get crunchy, Mam?'

Why these wiggly green catkins growing in cold weather? Why they look like caterpillars, Mam? Why?'

'How about a game of hide and seek?' asks Mum. 'You hide and I'll try to find you.'

'Count up to a big number first,' says Teddy. 'Count to three or four. OK Mam?'

It turns out that Teddy isn't any better at hiding than he is at counting, but at least Mam has had enough of a break to feel ready for the next question......which is not long in coming!

'Why there's seaweed growing on this stick, Mam? Why?'

'That's not seaweed, Teddy, it's lichen. It grows on the trees here because the air is very clean. It can't grow near main roads because of the petrol fumes and dust.' Mam tells him.

'Why it grow on tree sticks mam? Why it not grow on ground in the soil?' Teddy wants to know.

'It is a special kind of plant that grows on trees and sucks the sap from them instead of water from the soil.'

Teddy thinks the lichen wants to be high up in the trees so it can see things that are a long way away. He decides it's a good idea and he might just copy the lichen.....

 He climbs up into the little oak tree. Just as he is about to ask Mam why the leaves haven't fallen off the tree.....

when he comes down a lot faster than he climbed up

and lands on a bed of leaves, holding his right leg in the air. Mam rushes over and picks him up.

'Why that tree throw me down and break mine leg?' he asks with a sniffle

She sits hm down on a tree root and he rolls up his left trouser leg.

'I thought you hurt the other leg.' Mam says. ' And, TEDDY! Where are your socks? Why didn't you put socks on this morning? Aren't your feet freezing cold?

'Lucas not wear socks. Lucas wear sandals EVEN IN SNOW.' he tells her. 'I strong and brave like Lucas so I not need silly old socks.'

'But Teddy why ....' Mam begins.

'MAM! WHY YOU KEEP ASKING LOTS OF QUESTIONS??? Why you not pick up me with mine broken leg an' take me home for hot chocolate and magic-make-me-better chocolate chip cookies? Why, Mam? Why?!'

So they go home, where Mam takes a headache pill whilst Teddy recovers by eating 6 cookies and drinking 3 cups of chocolate.


  1. So Brave Teddy to go walking with Mam in all the cold old Frost ! and without no socks like that naughty Lucas, who is now wearing shoes and not sandals but still no socks!
    Love all the photo's and seeing the dog and the three cats and all the lovely frost covered nature!
    Glad your leg got unbroken after all those magic biscuits and hot chocolate.

    this so reminds me of my middle daughter Lindsey who hardy said a word and Lauren would reply for her to the question' would you like a drink ? etc then Lauren went off to school all day and Lindsey found her voice which always constantly almost all day started with WHY! but the best one was the insurance claim man arrived wearing brogues and Lindsey spent almost the whole time he was there asking why he had holes in his shoes and telling me Mum mum look at his shoes Mum look at his shoes... :)
    wonderful post Jenni
    Dee xxx

  2. Jenni, I instantly loved the professionell GTBD-Diagnose:)

    Loved the pic of boy in the fern - and watching the usual behaviour of healthy small children,
    asking a lot to get informations, but also to keep us on the ground > and on their side :)

    Love your farm, -the cats lurking in 'my' village looking just like yours.
    Sadly I don't live there so far, so I can't keep goose and sheep. But in the future, I will.
    Thanks for posting!

  3. Great post Jenni, I love all the photos of your surroundings, it looks sooooooo incredibly cold, I feel such a wimp complaining about our 13C! LOL
    Teddy is the cutest little lad Jenni, makes me feel that I can hardly wait to start sewing for Angelina, who is waiting patiently by my sewing machine for after the 8th January! Actually, Brendan is currently sleeping in my dolly/sewing room whilst my family are over here, so I hope she doesn't come home with any bad habits or too many tales ;)

    Do your Toddlers have socks? If not, I'll add them to my list.
    Keep warm and keep 'em coming :)
    Big hugs Sharon xxxxx

  4. Just adore this 'Toddler Teddy' post withn the inquisitive 'WHY' word coming out almost every second.

    Have always loved this wanting to know the 'WHY and the WHEREFORE' age....... though it can be rather trying for the one who has to do all the answering!

    Your Teddy is such a sweet faced little lad and the frosted rural scenery is truly magnificent.

    My very favourite photos were of him sitting on the gate watching out and waiting for you to take the dog for a walk, hiding under the huge Oak leaf and finally examining the frosted spots on the leaf and the frozen catkins that look just like caterpillars.

    Fab Toddler language included.Particularly taken with the 'mine' in place of the 'my!'
    MORE please!

  5. I LOVE this post! How cute is Teddy! Wonderful to see your surroundings/animals....but you can keep the snow!!

  6. Teddy asks some very good questions. a friend of mine has a 5 year old who is peppering questions at her at the same rate as Teddy, reminds me of when mine were small.

  7. Lovely post - so typical of a toddler!

  8. Teddy is just adorable! I love seeing him outdoors in the beautiful surroundings. Just a wonderful post! :) xxx