Friday, 12 December 2014

Pete Takes a Picnic.

Hi Petey! I haven't seen that hat before, it looks lovely and warm.

Oh, I borrowed it from Felix. Mine are both in the wash. But, could you excuse me? I'm in a bit of hurry because it might go cold.

What might go cold? Are you up to something?

Me? No, nothing I shouldn't be. I'm just taking them their supper because I'm the only one with a full set of waterproofs and boots. As it's raining and Bertie couldn't find his jacket, I said I'd take it to them today.

Take what? Take it to who?

Shouldn't you say, 'Take it to WHOM?'  not 'Take it to WHO?' Mam.  I thought that was the proper way to say it. Perhaps I'm wrong. Do forgive me for trying to correct you, especially if it is me - I mean -  if it is I who have got it wrong.

Petey begins to turn away, thinking he has diverted my attention.

Well, he won't get away so easily.

What's in the basket!!

Petey walks on across the lawn.

Just soup-n-bread-n-chicken-n-chips-n-a-packet-of-chocolate-chip-cookies, he calls back across his shoulder.

Then, as he shows off his wonderful sense of balance by walking on top of a very narrow wall he adds,

It's for the car people. They are hungry!


Petey is my DH's boy. He's a later Gotz Alan, the Inuit/Eskimo boy, who reminded B of a childhood, Native American friend named Petey.
He is the best balanced and most easily posed Sasha/Gregor doll I have ever handled. Sadly, his hair  is falling, just like his father's!


  1. Oh boy those car people!!! I'd forgotten about those. It's almost a little creepy to think that you have someone (or a group of them) living in your car but you've not even seen them! Well at least they're not going to starve with that lot Petey has in his picnic fact he's made me feel quite hungry listing all that lovely food!
    Love his outfit Jenni, it's so perfect for your weather it would seem, and his posing is brilliant.
    I will soon share some photos of Angelina arriving...I'm sure you must be missing her. I have her on my worktable but she's still as she was when she arrived ;)
    Big hugs Sharon xxx

    1. They may be tempted out of the car very soon.......

  2. I was wondering where Angelina was when she wasn't in the Village blog breakfast post with Connor and Teddy.Have I been missing something as to why she's in Spain for Christmas? New clothing perhaps?

    So sorry to hear about 'Petey's' falling hair. I hadn't heard of any of the 1990s Gotz having this problem before this.

    1. I'm afraid my sweet looking Angelina is a little vain. She has decided to give modelling a try, young though she is, and Sharon offered her an opportunity to break into the career.

      Also, the idea of she and Lucas becoming emotionally involved was not a good one. With his violent outbursts and her skill in martial arts and love of 'soting out boys' might be a bad combination. The love affair that was brewing had to be discouraged for a few years. So it was time to put distance between them!

  3. Was Petey kept in his tube until your DH got him, maybe this is why his hair is falling. He is a handsome boy and I like his outdoors outfit.

    I think Angelina has gone to Spain to be a toddler model for Sharon, so I expect we'll soon be seeing some wonderful Sharon in Spain creations for Sasha toddlers (must keep saving for a toddler...)

    1. Petey was in his tube when I got him, but he didn't have faling hair at first, I think the Later Gotz hair is not well rooted though as, lovely though the girls' hair is all three shed a little when redressed. My Michel later Gotz boy scout is also sparsely rooted. DH is happy to have a son who suffers from early male balding as he did himself, though!

  4. Love B's Petey such a nice face. What a perfect outfit for being out in the rain. Sounds like they'll be having a lovely feast those people? animals? in the car.
    Very impressed with Petey's balancing ability especially after trying to get one of my girls to stand this afternoon for a couple of photo's and it taking an age!
    Hiope those poor people/animals in the car get out in time for Christmas !!
    Dee xx

    1. Their possibility of getting out of there depends on the weather, Dee! It is hard to take photos just now and, when people are squatting in your car, you need to have the press attend when they are evicted, don't you?

  5. Whoa! What is this Jen...are you sneaking in another Gotz post....we want Robin! We want Robin...T*R*E*N*D*O*N :)

    1. O.K. Calm down, dear!
      Robin to appear in the next post!!!