Monday, 29 December 2014

A Sasha-free Interlude.

When I started this blog, I mentioned that my Sashas/Gregors have other brothers and sisters.

Here is my sweet little Bobette, Noelle, home after being stolen, taken to South Africa and finally returned by the embarassed parents of the thief.  It's a long story but poor Noelle was missing for over a year, along with other dolls and came back without her little trunk of clothes. Indeed, she came back without any clothes at all.

So, her birthday being about Christmas time (hence her name) she had to have a new dress. It needs to be darted to fit her properly and (as Sharon knows!) my dolls tend to be little examples of those females used to call all-furs-lace-but-no-knickers, she needs underwear to finish the outfit. Generally, she likes to live in the modern day, but she does seem to like dressing up in the clothing of her Great-Grandmama's childhood times.

She wanted to have her photo taken with the beautiful bouquet that Ronny sent me and the plants that the children at the next farm grew for me as a Christmas gift. As always, I messed up the photo so the bouquet is not shown in entirity, but it is so beautiful that Noelle and I wanted to share it. As you can see, it is snowing here and nothing cheers me up like flowers, snow and the company of a favourite doll!


  1. So very pleased to hear that this sad story had a happy ending. unlike my daughter's three early Sasha Dolls (1966 brunette NP Gingham, 1968 brunette Gregor Dark Jeans and 1970 brunette baby Nightdress) that were stolen during one of her house moves never to be seen or heard of again.

    Noelle looks very pleased to be home again even if she is 'knickerless' at the moment.

    Beautiful flowers from SS and sweet little pot plant from the neighbour's children.

    Wishing you much better health in 2015.

  2. Oh Jen! Noelle is lovely, and how good it must be for you to get her home...
    Glad the flowers cheered you up, they are sent with all the love and good wishes I can muster for the journey ahead of you. You know you are well loved by those that haven't even met you!! And as for the snow...PLEASE keep it at your house...don't want it here down south!!

  3. Thank you Kendal and Ronny

    No matter how tough life gets, there are always lovely things to kep us cheery.Sorry about Chon's dolls kendal, it is awful to lose things in a move. as you are sure they will turn up in the next box you open. Mind you, we took the prize for goods stolen in a house move - my daughter's piano could not be into our house in West Norwood by the front door because of a sharp tun into the sitting room. So we left it in the tiny front yard, sat down for a cup of tea by the window overlooking it whilst a man came to remove the windows so the removal men could haul it in.....and it diappeared!

    Nobody even heard it being moved I was almost releived as the house was rather small. Then I got the giggles when a police lady asked me about the colour of the keys, whether it was made of metal or plastic how big it was and whether it would fit in the back of a bike....don't think she was a very musical lady, somehow, lol.

    As to the snow, it's mine, ALL MINE!!!!! I have no intention of giving it to anybody but if anyone does like it, they can come here to play with it!
    J xx

  4. What a very pretty little girl Noelle is, Jenni! And a lovely dress too, I bet she's delighted with it. I like how you've posed her with the beautiful flowers from the children and Ronny too :)
    AHHH YES! Poor knickerless girls! I've still not forgotten that one of your girls has been promised some non baggy knickers from me for ages, I will get to it eventually, honest! Maybe when I've sewn some things for Angeline, I will send knickers back for her sister :) My own girls are rather short of knickers too of course, they are the children of an Essex Girl I guess, so we shouldn't be in the least bit surprised, should we? One day I will be soooo organised, they'll each have 'holiday' or themed outfits, they'll all have outfits and underwear of their own, they'll not need to swap about if I change one so that a particular doll can have matching shoes or socks with their outfit...but goodness knows when that will be! Maybe I should make it my New Years resolution to have 'suitably' clad dolls appearing on my blog? Hey, what's the chances of that happening? Pretty low I guess, but oh well, it's the thought that counts, isn't it!!!!
    Big hugs Sharon xxxx

    1. PS Blimey Jenni, even I would struggle with 'losing' a piano ;)

    2. Haha! I maniged it with the greatest of ease, Sharon - didn't feel, or see a thing.

      Poor Hannah, it was a gift from a family friend who also happened to be the head of her primary school. She was devastated to lose it, but thrilled not to feel she had to go on taking lessons!

  5. Lovely photo of your flowers and madam Noelle. A very pretty outfit for a pretty doll.Is she the one that went missing with the Gregor?
    SNOW! yes you can most definitely keep that with you, it was bad enough driving to work in all the frost and ice without adding snow to the mix!!
    and I have to say only you could lose a piano!! :)xx

  6. Yes, Noelle went of with Rhodri on a safari gone wrong, lol. She is a bit of an adventurer and enjoys going to Bleuette camp in the US each year, but even she was a little bewildered by being strippped off and left to go native under the African sun.
    As to her being pretty, Bruce calls the Bobettes 'those dolls with adenoidal difficulties' because of their open mouthes but her teeth are not scarey like some of the bisque dolls she's modelled on. Boy, did Mum's French and German dolls from her childhood scare me when I was little!

    My skill at losing things is legendary - except for losing weight, losing the mortgage and losing my desire for more dolls, of course. My next move is to lose the cooker and not find another one for a few months, so I can just throw cold cuts on the table and take a break from cooking. Paper plates would put an end to washing and tidying away dishes too......

  7. Very, very lovely that sweet Noelle is back with you though missing her wardrobe. She is now wearing a very beautiful dress. I am happy she is home with you! :) xxx

    1. I was always fond of Noelle as she can wear any style. She is a little fiddly to make things for though. As I've got older, I've returned to my early childhood need for easy to handle dolly clothes and hair! But I love little dolls, the idea of beng able to carry them around easily, or even in secret, has never left me.

  8. What a relief to get Noelle back home at last, she is pretty and the flowers and plants are lovely too. What a shocker about the piano theft - someone took a chance!
    Re losing the cooker - maybe you just need your own personal chef to save you the task of cooking so you can concentrate on important things like getting well, your family and dolls of course.
    We got lucky with the Boxing Day snow while visiting family and were able to get home okay from the snow location (not our home) after a glorious morning playing in the snow.

    1. Heehee - I tried a personal chef, AKA my husband, but the food quality was inconsistent, so he sacked himself! Funny how, when women retire from working outside home, their menfolk suddenly lose skills they've had for years.....!