Wednesday, 24 December 2014

A Full House (Or Full Car?) For Christmas!

                          'Now, Trendon, have you settled in with us?' asks Dada.

'Yes thank you,'  Trendon replies. 'But have you found out about the others that were in the car with me?'

'Oh, yes!' says Dada. 'They are just fine. Mr Evans at the garage has had them to stay with him for a few nights. When I pick up the car, I'll bring them home.'

'Erm.. do they have to come here?' asks Trendon, looking serious. ' I had to hide my face because they said I wasn't a Gotz kid and I think they didn't like me being with them.'

'I don't think they were being unkind,' says Dada. ' I think it was just a comment. People here sometimes comment about my accent because I don't sound Welsh. There's no criticism implied. I think they just mean to be friendly but can't think how to start the conversation.'

'Weeellll, they did seem a bit worried about whether they would be welcome here because they are Gotz girls and most of the Bryn Derw family are not.' says Trendon, thoughtfully.

An hour later, Dada drove the car back into the yard. And there were the girls!

  All Mam knows is that they were all girls. She has no idea how many extra people she will need to feed on Christmas Day. Fortunately, Father Christmas draws up with his gift list to add the new girls in  because....

                 ...........well, Father Christmas knows exactly how many children will be where, doesn't he?

'Sion Corn, Sion Corn!' yell the Welsh speaking kids in the house.

'Santa, Santa!' shriek the kids who have lived in the USA.

'Father Christmas, Father Christmas!' bellow the English boys and girls.

But Father Christmas is only interested in the girls in the car just now.

'Come on girls!' he calls encouragingly. 'I have to get all your names right on my list, ready for my next delivery, when the clock strikes midnight!'

                         'What do you think?' the little dark-haired girl on the right whispers.

'Well, that man Dada who drove us here seemed nice.' replied her sister. 'He was a bit quiet, but very kind.'

'I think we'll be O.K.' the blond girl with brown toggles on her coat muses.

'But there are so many of us, and it is so close to Christmas. Might we be in the way? Will there be room for us all?' wonders the girl standing beside her. But she bravely opens the door....

                                                    ....... and out they come.....

                                                       two little blond Gotz girls,

                                                           named Mary and Laura.

                                                         Then two little brunette girls,
                                                            called Tove and Gerda.


Mam begins to shoo them into the house, telling them how glad she is that they were warmly dressed. It has been a long time since they came from Sasha Doll UK foster care and the weather has turned so

'Excuse me,' says a quiet, gentle voice. 'I'm Jocelyn and Mrs. Mum at The Sasha Village said I might find my brother Trendon here, so we can settle down in our forever home. I'm so cold. May I come in too, please?'

A little girl with a sweet, feminine version of Trendon's face and a timid smile is still sitting in the car. She is nicely dressed but doesn't have a coat.

'I'm Jocelyn.' she whispers.

Mam is thrilled to have not one.......not two........ not three......... not four........ but FIVE new daughters to get to know at Christmas time!

Dada is upstairs worrying about how to fit five more beds in and still leave room for Father Christmas to get round and fill stockings. It is quite possible Father C might just need a large glass of something strong to fortify himself........

                                                     Cheers everybody!


Dear Friends
 I have had the chance to buy or have gifts of these five lovely little ladies because of the kindness of family and ex-pupils. I will try to post tomorrow to explain all and take better photos, if the wind drops.
In the meantime, thank you so much for all the beautiful cards and kind messages. (Icy, I can't get a message to you privately as I don't have your email addy, but the flowers are STUNNING and I was thrilled to receive them. Your cover is blown - there is no icy heart in you! Jxx)
If anything happens to prevent a post:
             MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU ALL, Jenni and The Bryn Derw Kids xxx




  1. Such well behaved children, who I'm sure will fill your home with much joy this Christmas.
    Merry Christmas to you all.
    Michelle xx

  2. What a beautiful car full of new family members you received and just in time for Christmas.
    Love all their lovely warm winter coats, Poor Jocelyn I should have send her in at least a Cardigan, bad mother that I am!!
    Love them all and what a wonderful way to get Sasha's in a big bundle on Christmas Eve!!
    Have a wonderful Christmas and a fabulous New year
    Dee :)xxxx

    1. No worries Dee! She is busy deciding between a pink and a lilac duffel coat right now.

      I got quite a look from two dog walkers who happened to pass by just as I tried to shoo them all into the house.

      We've started Christmas here aready, making all the festive phone calls to family around the world.

      Merry Christmas!

  3. Well, how about THAT then! Five new Sasha girls for Christmas! How simply wonderful for you!
    Dying to hear about how this all happened.......( though might not get this chance for a day or two being mainly out and about.)
    In the meantime a very happy Christmas to you all out there in Wales.

    1. I feel so very lucky, Kendal. So much love and kindness is floating around me. All I want now is a little snow..... but I'll ask for it only to be very regional, just a mile or so in each direction of our house, I promise!
      I hope you have a wonderful few days with friends and family.
      Merry Christmas!

    2. It looks like you have got your snow wish too! Happy Christmas.

  4. Hi Jen!
    So glad flowers arrived I was getting worried :) I LOVE Jocelyn and the Gotz are sort of okay :)
    Love to you at Christmas and beyond!

    1. Thank you so much, Ronny. I was stunned to get flowers by post.
      Jocelyn is a real sweety. I love the Gotz girls too and think them being sort of Okay, is high praise coming from you!
      Merry Beetle-filled Christmas!

  5. Jenni,
    Your dolls are fabulous and so wonderfully dressed! Merry Christmas!
    Ginger xxx