Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Changing Clothes to Humour Mam.

Bertie! It is freezing cold and it keeps raining. You really can't go on wearing that set of clothes.

But I LIKE them.

I know and you will be able to wear them again, but right now you must go back inside and find something else to put on.

But I LOVE them.


But they are specially mine. I was the first boy to get them because Auntie Ruth sent them before they were in her clothing shop for other kids to buy.

I know that Bertie, but you still have to change. Go and find a different outfit please.


Now, Bertie!

O! K! But you're not my favourite Mam anymore!

I can live with that. Now, hurry up. Go on Mister Bertie, quick march. If you find something else to wear, you can go and play on the old tractor.

(5 minutes later.)

                                  Oh Bertie!

                     What am I going to do with you?


  1. What a tinker! But he does look good in his shorts sets, you'd best just get him some long socks and a sweater until he starts to feel the cold.
    I nearly got another couple of those reds sets in other colours but then realised that there were a few other things from Ruth I wanted first!
    That's the problem with all these talented Sasha makers the list of WANT is soooo long!
    Dee xxx

  2. Bertie looks great in whatever he wears Jen...leave the poor boy alone :)

  3. Just how delightful is this post then? Bless his little heart.
    Obviously he's not feeling the cold as yet.....plus he does look the 'Heart- throb' in both the sets.

    I never even saw them on Ruthsdoll's sales tables, either in red or any other colours. I'm thinking that I definitely need much more time just looking around at what's on offer before the buying/snapping starts to begin next year.

  4. Defiant to the last! Well he did change! What more can you you possibly ask for :-) I can see you have your hands full with him.

  5. Did I just read that Ronnie was saying Bertie looks good - Bertie is a GOTZ (maybe she secretly likes Gotz Sasha's after all).

    1. I do have a soft spot for the no noses...and the toddlers...but anything else...forget it DM!!

  6. Bertie is just delightful and I love both of his outfits! He looks particularly great in red! :)

  7. Awww that is such a cute little story, he's a handsome young fellow Jenni and those shorts outfits are so attractive on him, I can understand how he wants those sweet little leggies on display!!!! I agree with Dee though, maybe some long socks and a cardigan or jumper would work in keeping him warm enough until he realises for himself that he'll look just as good in more suitable clothing for your wet and cold weather :)
    Big hugs Sharon xxxx