Saturday, 11 October 2014

A Letter to Lukey.


It's me, Angelina.

 I just heard that Mrs. Mum is going to a party with hens that she's having for her big girl. I think that's a bit mean, her daughter should have a REAL party with people friends and jelly and cake, not hens and corn and kitchen scraps.

Dada's idea of a good hen party.

 Dada would like a hen party, he spends a lot of time with hens, but most peoples like somebody to talk with and to play party games with, not lots of clucky hens laying eggs everywhere and making you sneeze with their feathers. But maybe Courtney wants to have a chicken farm? Don't know. Maybe Mr. Dad could explain to you?

Anyway, Mam is not around either, so I thought I might try to send a message by mineself.
 It's about the Snippy Chip, no that's wrong.
 I mean it's about the Happy Snap, no still not right!
Oh, yes, it's about the Snappy Chip......
 Is it the Snoopy Chap?....
Yes, it's about the Chip'n'Pin - no that's to do with pretend money cards.
 It's about the time when you get lots of visitors who want to look at the Village, buy things and take photos.

Just wondering, shall me and Teddy jump in a box so we can help show Toddlers-are-more-special-than-other-Sashas? I got all mine pocket monies saved up so I can bring money for our trip back home after. I could tell Mrs. Mum about the bad things hens might do to Mr. Dad's garden, just in case poor Courtney doesn't want a chicken farm - you never can tell whether parents are making you do the job they wish they'd had, even if you hate the idea. Also, me and Storm can xxxx work you over if you bother Bea xxxx
Ignore that. I meant to say we could look after Bea if she comes, so you don't have to play with a girl visitor.

 Timmy can't come because he's visiting the old ladies and gentlemen at the Royal Legion for a while. It's a shame because he's a boy after your own stoney, let's bash 'em heart, but Teddy would be really good for you to push around Lukey. He's just as soppyxxxx erm, gentle as Connor used to be.

Maybe Mr. Mossy might help us hide until the right time so we don't get sent home to stop us tying up Mr. Dad if he starts building chicken sheds?  Him being  Saint Mossy now, he has to be helpful to little, innocent people like you and me, especially the kids that go to St. Mossy's Nursery School - and that's me.

Let me know what you think.

Don't really care if you don't want me there because I'm a girl, Lukey. But, just you remember that, when I'm too big for St. Mossy's Nursery School, Dada has put my name down for St. Trinian's and there will be whole lot more girls like me descending on the Village to sort you out if you are mean to Storm, Bea, Lonely or any other girls.......

  Your friend (for now, but things can change...)
     Angelina xx

(P.S. don't care about the no kisses cos you're a boy thing either - annoy me and I'll KISS you to death - just learnt that one in my Tai Chi class)

PPS I was only PRETENDING in this picture - watch out if you plan bad stuff, I can soon swap the halo for horns and a long tail....