Saturday, 20 September 2014


I'm Timothy, but I like to be called Timmy. Do you like my new clothes?

 This is my nursery school uniform. I just started to go there last week and Angelina, Teddy and Connor are going too.  It is called St. Mossy Bear's Nursery School. Mossy is a really, truely bear and he says he is the patron saint of naughty bears and toddlers. He lives in Hertfordshire and lots of people just call him Mossy, or Mr. Mossy, but I know he's a saint because he has to live with other, bossy bears who think they are better than he is, but he never gets cross.

I'm in the Puppy class and so is Teddy but Angelina and Connor are a bit older than us, so they are in in the Bear Cub class. At least, Connor will be when he comes home. He's visitng his twin brother, Lucas, who lives with St. Mossy.

Our uniform was specially made for us by Lucas' very clever Auntie Michelle. Connor is going to be the head boy, so he is to have a special sweater with a picture of Mr. Mossy on the front, but I like my puppy picture best.

Look! This is supposed to be our lawn but Dada has not been able to cut the grass or pull the weeds up because the builders were busy here. Sh! Don't tell, but I like that dandelion clock and I'm going to blow on it to see what o'clock it is soon.

Do you know, there's a mole living underneath the grass? This pile of earth is his front door. I hope Dada doesn't flatten it so the mole has to dig a new one.

Bye for now!
   Timmy xxx


To me, Timmy is a special toddler.

When I was in hospital in France, there was a great deal more to do in the way of occupational therapy than here in the UK.  I joined the doll repair group  - of course! There was a huge selection of old dolls in need of a fresh start in life and of reject new dolls, donated by factories. Some of us chose to work on the dolls, other people made clothes and yet more made wooden doll furniture. We were each allowed to take home what ever we had made or worked on, whether the project was completed or not.

Imagine my surprise when I saw a familiar little head, though bald and without features, sticking up in a plastic box that was filled with a mis-matched assortment of dolls. I unearthed the doll from the tangle and, there he was, a little fair-skinned toddler with a huge hole in the top of his head. I started by trying girl-style wigs but, despite the lack of features, 'she' clearly disliked them, so I trimmed one down and Timothy emerged, demanding green eyes, rosy cheeks and freckles.

He can't rival the work of more experienced Sasha artists, such as Shelly Baxter, but I was quite pleased with his final look.

Un grand merci a Marcie Le Bec pour tout votre aide en creante le petit Timmy!

And a further thanks to Michelle for providing the uniforms for this year's intake of little students at St. Mossy's!


  1. Oh what a lucky boy you are Timmy, Mossy's Aunty Michelle, knits wonderful sweaters and it looks like yours is no exception with that ever so cute puppy dog on the front. Glad to see she also made a matching hat as with the onset of Autumn and soon to be winter you may well be needing it. What a grown up little boy you are to be attending Nursery School. I hope you enjoy it and learn lots.

    1. Now what happened to my reply to you Auntie Lorraine?
      I wanted to ask you to say hello to Peggy Sue and Little Owen for me. I like to read her stories and see her photos. I like read about children who know how to talk to their bears. When it is Christmas, I'm going to tell Father Christmas that I would like a bear who would play play with me, too.
      Timmy xxx

  2. Oh, what a dear little toddler tot! You have done wonders with him and how fantastic to be allowed to keep him to remind you of your time spent over there.

    Loving the story line. You,and Dee, provide me with so much Sasha fun on your blog posts.

    Looking forward to the future adventures as they start the new term at St. Mossy's Infants School in their smart uniforms.

    1. Hi Kendal
      I do love the toddlers. Strangely, none of the 4 we have here seem to be difficult to pose, as I understand many of them are. They are funny, out of proprtion little souls, but I find them so endearing an would love another girl, but Timmy was determined to be male - no girly stuff suited him at all!
      We are just opening the school and must find suitable equipment before we can do to much in the way of a good story line.
      Happy Sunday!
      Jenni xx

  3. Hello Timmy
    This is Mrs Mum who looks after that rascal I mean St Mossy! I so hope no one tells him that their's a school in Wales in his name! No doubt he'll be wanting to attend prize giving to present the prizes!!
    I like your new uniform , you look very smart and it sound like you'll all be having fun.
    Connor will be home before Winter sets in!! He'll be needing his Mossy uniform to keep him nice and warm in class.
    Bye Mrs Mum

    Jenni what a find! even with a big hole in the head and no face paint! A lovely blank Canvas for you to work on and Timmy looks great, you did good!
    It's so funny how we want one thing and the doll wants another!! So that girl became a boy!
    Michelle's knits are great as is the trousers she makes to go with them, the children at the nursery will look love and warm in them. I'd best start that re root so Connor can come home and start back at nursery, he may be doing some learning here but lord knows what it is!!!!
    Dee xx

    1. Hello Mrs. Mum,
      Connor's sweater has St. Mossy's picture on the front. You can tell it is St. Mossy because the bear has green eyes.
      Our teacher says you should keep Connor as long as you like as she likes the idea of hm having a different kind of education as far away from her as possible. She says boys in his family seem to find education to suit their own needs without any help from people such as herself. I don't know what that means, but she says, when he comes back, she might need to cut our school time to mornings only so she can have an afternoon nap if he is anything like his brother. Is that because they are very clever and she will find it hard work marking their sums and will get a headache?
      Lots of love,
      Timmy xxx

      Hi Dee
      I love Michelle's work and she was very kind to make up the uniforms specially for my little monkeys.
      Timmy was supposed to even things out as I had two boys and Mum had one girl (now Angelina the Shelly repaint) but Master Tim knew he was a boy now I need two more girls.... The course leader was an amazing woman, she had worked in the restoration department in the French national museum. She showed me how to make a mold, use a blow torch to partly melt a piece of vinyl, shape it, and use heat again to fuse it to the edge of the hole, so that the wig would stay in place firlmly. So, undereath his wig, Timmy has a nobbly birthmark as the vinyl was a completely different colour and we couldn't smooth it completely! Not sure I'd attempt it unaided, I might burn the place down and I did burn my finger with boiling hot vinyl. It was a smelly, scary but satisfying once in a life time operation!

      No hurry re Connor. It is part of Claudius training to learn to be a thoroughly naughty boy and he has a lot to learn and we need time to learn how to deal with the fall-out, lol.

  4. Timmy is gorgeous - you did a wonderful job of his face painting. Did you repair the hole in his head, I do hope it was patched somehow. He is the kind of find we all dream about. I like his new St Mossy school uniform.

    1. Glad you like him! When you have been hands on in rescuing a doll, it is hard to be objective about the degree of success. It's a bit like our real children - they may be ugly or badly behaved to others, but they are gorgeous as far as we parents are concerned!
      Yes, Timmy has a plate of much darker vinyl under his hair. I did try without it at first, but his wig kept sinking and the course leader was very keen to show me how to do the scary bit. It's a case of Do not try this at home, though, and I'd never try again without expert help - could be that I'd end up part vinyl myself!
      Jenni xx

  5. I love Timmy and think it is wonderful that you rescued him and have given him such a great new life! Timmy's outfit is super too! A great post and I enjoyed it very much! :) xxx

  6. Thank you, Ginger!
    The toddlers are real cuties - a lovely between age. When I chose to teach nursery children for a while, some of the parents came to tell me how sorry they were that I'd 'been demoted' but it was a choice and they are actually the most difficult age to teach well (I've done them all from age 3 to age 22). They are also one of the most fun - curious, imaginative and energetic. I was thrilled to find the age group properly represented in Sasha form!
    Jenni xx

  7. Ooooh what a gorgeous little boy Timmy is! Even before I started reading the blog post I thought to myself "WOW, what a beautiful repaint, I wonder who did him?" and find out it was you and you're saying he's not as good as other artists???? He's lovely! And I feel he's every bit as good. What a wonderful find though, your heart must have missed a beat there! I love his little school uniform, Michelle does make sweet things, doesn't she!
    I would love to find a little toddler one day, I've not even seen one in the flesh.....but for moment I will enjoy yours and Dees!!!
    Big hugs Sharon xxx

  8. They are so sweet, Sharon but I do know of people who really don't like them because they are not blessed with perfect limbs and are seen as not being quite as Sasha m would have liked them to be - a perfect representation of a child of that age. I can overlook their inor imperfection because of their cheeky faces.
    Jenni x