Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Cati and her cat sweater.

Our poor little house is still not ready for full occupation. The corner below the chimney has been worked on, but is not yet certain that it is absolutely stable.

The underpinning took much longer than expected and, to be sure that we don't waste time and money trying to put it in order, we have been asked to allow another 3 months before carrying out any interior work. So, we are living between our bedrooms and a little caravan we've borrowed, meaning most of my Sashas are still squashed in boxes.

We do have a couple of new girls - one is mine and one my mother's but want to wait to introduce them properly at a later date. The windy weather will not show them off to their best and indoor photos are not possible. None the less, I just can't wait any longer to play Sashas here, so I sneaked into the off-limits guest bedroom and grabbed a little lady who has been waiting a long time to meet you all. She is so keen to be a real Bryn Derw kid that she doesn't mind if her photos are less than perfect.

Meet Cati.

She is a 1001 Anika from the later Gotz production and was bought for a little girl who has since begun to prefer electronic gadgets to her dolls, so has moved in with me. She also has brothers, Tomos, known as Twm, and Sion. Their names are taken from the famous Welsh Wizard, Twm Sion Cati. Cati Jones was his mother and, presumably because his father was unknown, he took Cati for his last name.
Cati is usually the abbreviation of Catrin, the Welsh form of Catherine.

Cati has not had clothes of her own for some time and was thrilled when this little sweater arrived from Shelly, along with a pair of black cords. The heather coloured sweater has dear little kittens on it, just right for Cati! She borrowed a pair of black Boneka shoes and happily topped her autumn outfit off with her very own Hattie hat. However, we must apologise for her lack of socks, the Bryn Derw wardrobe is a little thin on accessories.

Cati has the best eyes I have seen on these pale vinyl girls. Though they lack the depth and have a less realistic look than those of the pre-tampa days at Trendon, they are even, have not faded and are a lovely colour.

She also has beautiful hair. It is thick, shiny and a natural shade of brown. One of my (few) criticisms of the Trendon dolls is their tendency to have too much curl in their hair which can make them appear to have had a perm - not age appropriate, to my mind. Cati's hair is perhaps a little too long as she came with braids, which require considerable length to look right, but it could, and might, be trimmed a little.

Originally, R sent her dolls here for safe-keeping. Her brothers are doll tormentors! I bought them from her a few months later because she wanted money to buy an X-box so, technically, Cati, Sion and Tomos are now Bryn Derw kids but, should the technology phase begin to lose appeal in the future, they will return to R.
 In the meantime, I am enjoying having Cati, the little cat-loving lady, to stay with us here and, if they need it, she and her brothers will have a home for life at Bryn Derw.

Please forgive the poor photos. I hope to feature a doll at least once a week until we are more comfortably settled in our house and can tell our next Bryn Derw story.


  1. Lovely to see your house is still standing Jenni!! and what a lovely house it is ! Did you plan for the cat to walk out just at the moment you were taking the photo's to introduce your maybe staying new member Cati ?

    Cati is very lovely and looks so sweet in her cat sweater and trousers, I'm sure she'll enjoy meeting all your other children as they escape the boxes every now and then!
    Her eyes indeed beautiful.
    Interesting that she should appear today !
    Lovely to see the flowers around your door to welcome you almost back!!!
    Dee xxx

    1. It is still standing, if wobbling a little! The builders were so sweet - they thought it was sad that I'd missed all the summer flowers, so grew some on in one of their poly-tunnels, and planted them out just in front of mine that had died back. They moved all the pots and watered them all through the hot days in July and early August, then replaced them. The mini green house was on the scrap pile, but thy put it back to hide the hole in the outer wall whilst movement measuring glass pieces are checking whether the walls are now stable(all our walls are double, making them three feet deep,)The roses on the wall bloom for months every year too.
      Excuse the dog's mat on the gate! I've only just noticed it was there.
      The cat is a diva - every time a camera comes out, he walks towrds it. I have many photos of Sashas with their feet in the air where he has tried to give them an in camera kiss!

  2. What a really pretty Welsh cottage your home is. Loving how the plant pots have been arranged at the front and the old cartwheel attached to the gate giving it such a homely and welcoming appeal.

    So sorry to hear that you have had to have some under-pinning done but hopefully the worst is now over and that you'll soon be back to being able to unpack your Sasha Dolls and use the whole house fully again.

    Cati is delightful. She, Stella, Wibke and Maria were my very favourite of the1990s Gotz girls. I certainly agree with you about the later (and early!) Gotz hair, much more like real life hair is and far more manageable to style in all those different ways.... which is so much a part of 'playing dolls!'

    I was also very taken with the original plaits on her, Wibke and Barbette and the twisted side bunches on Trudi, plus the ponytail on Maria and finally Anna's shoulder length with it's side part, as always felt that the Frido/Trendon girls had far too much hair to try out these styles with any success.

    Cati looks perfectly dressed for this outdoor, country lifestyle which I do so miss now that I'm much older and not so active.

    Hope that all the new under-pinning soon passes it's final building inspection with flying colours and leaving enough time to re-decorate that part of the house ready for the Christmas Celebrations.

    (This rather reminds me of when, about 45 years ago, we were having gas central heating put into our bungalow (luckily during the Summer school holidays) we too lived in our caravan for a month ....but unfortunately situated in full view of the neighbours on our front lawn (as we couldn't move it into the back garden due to the position of the garage.)

    1. I know it isn't fashionable to like the later Gotz dolls and I do find some of their eyes badly doem but their hair makes up for it - except for Bruce's Allan (now Pete) who, like his Papa has a growing bald patch!
      Mum and I bought a few when we first started collecting again in 2002. They were still not popular and were cheaper than the early Gotz and even the later Trendon dolls. I think Cati is the prettiest of the lighter girls - the brunette with blue eyes thing! Despite years of hair washing it is easy to put her braids back in neatly and she has not lost any hair, which surprised me greatly.

  3. Hope things settle for you soon as it has been a real upheaval and these sorts of things always take longer than you hope. Is the photo of your house pre or post work? If post, they have tidied up well! Or rather you and Bruce have!

    Your new girl is so pretty Jenni, what a lovely treasure to help cheer you up. I am sure she will settle in very well and I look forward to meeting her brothers as well.

    The only later Gotz here is Ziva (Yamka). Maria and Ira used to live here, but left for new adventures.

    1. The house is as it is at the moment. The chimney has been rebuilt, the render made good where it shows but only on a temporary basis. The final job will be done next year when it can be certain no further work needs doing. The whole of the side of the house is an odd looking mix of original and replacement stone, with some areas left without the outer wall and there is a hole behind the tatty mini greenhouse so that glass sheets can be observed. If the glas fractures, the whole job must start over. Fingers crossed....! The builders took care of the pots, tidied up so the house looks good from the front (just don't go round the side where the re is a 6 feet deep hole...!) and even planted new flowers, already in bloom, to cheer me up before I saw the inside! Lovely guys.

      Poor little Cati has been here waiting to go back home for nearly two years - sent because brothers tormented R with her dolls, so she used to come here to play with them, now she firmly believes she's too old for dolls and I bought them from her (very cheaply) so they will go back if she wants them later or I'll give her more money for them when she leaves school. her father doesn't want her to have their true value just now as he loathes the games she buys for X-box and is keeping her access to money low!

      I've always really liked Yamka and the farm boy,can't remember his name, but they are hard to find and never available when I have funds. Lucky you to have Yamka/Ziva!

  4. Hi Jenni
    I'm so glad to see the house is at least habitable, and as Dee says, still standing. I really like your new girl, she's precious and her eyes are pretty, as is her long hair and outfit. I am sure that she'll want to stay with you, as will her brothers, they'll have better adventures with you than being stuck in front of an XBox!
    I'm sorry I've not emailed you recently, I know I owe you a reply AND some knickers....I haven't forgotten them, I just haven't gotten around to making them yet either....honestly, I'm the last word, aren't I!
    Will speak with you again soon!
    Until then, big hugs, Sharon xxx

    1. Heehee - what will people think re you owing me knickers????!
      I'm out of touch much of the time as we are only able to sleep in the house and have to come up here to a friend's house for mod cons such as bathing and hot food, let alone internet! Did Anita tell tou that Tina is on her way here? Poor girl, what a long, slow journey she's having!