Wednesday, 6 August 2014

'Lo Other Sasha Kids!

'Lo other Sasha kids. It me, Connor, or maybe I Lucas? I forgetting.

You got nice Mam and Dada? Me Not sure 'bout mine.

 First, Mam say I can go on holidays and I think I go to Ireland with her but she say no, I go somewhere bigger fun and I get eggsited. She say maybe I see twin brother, Lucas (or maybe I Lucas and he Connor - what you think?). So I happy boy ........ until....( I whisper this to you)...... she take off all mine clothes and give me BAFF!!! Then she put soapy stuff on mine head and scrub up mine hair and let bubbles slip in mine eyes, what HURT!

Then she give mine new sister what used to live wiv Auntie Ellie a baff too, but she got no hair so not get soap in eyes. She not get big boys hat to wear so hair not stick up either. But she do have to go and sit on grass to dry WIV NO CLOTHES ON!!! That so rude of Mam to make us do that. But new sister not mind so much like I do, cos she never remember having clothes to wear.

Then Mam get me dressed and let sister put on dress what was quite nice until she stick us up in box and say Dada sending us for ride in post van. But me and sister still not in van for ride. Me think Dada forgetted or Mam telling lies. Not like box but it better than BAFF. Mam did say I was  dirty little boy and that mean thing to say, then she go to Ireland and leave us in box like prisoner people.

 Don't fink I like Mam and Dada no more. Hope you got nicer Mam and Dada than me got. Box boring, but baff worse.

 Your fed up friend,
      Conus or maybe I Lucor - not remember who I are now.


  1. What lovely clean children! Some children love to play in the bath! but getting soap in eyes not good!! Maybe Mam was in a hurry so she did not miss her ferry!
    Well I hope you Dada posts that box soon, it must be very hot and sticky in there! You'll probably have to have another Bath when you arrive where ever it is you are going!
    I hope your twin Lucas is better behaved than the Lucas who lives here!!
    Mrs Mum at the Sasha Village.

    Your Mum bringing you to see me?

  3. Lucas nice boy but bit naughty cos he boy.
    Sometime I be good boy, like when play with girls like Angel or maybe if I get meet Lonely or Storm but I good at being naughty wiv uvver boys sometimes too, cos I boy. I practising hard to learn be naughty like real boy.
    I like see Lonely when she with the Ice Cream Lady and I like seeing Lucas there too. One day they might be friends? Might be that Storm show Lucas how to play wiv girls and not make them sad.
    Mine Mam and Dada probly not nice girl and boy when little ike me. Bad Mam. Bad Dada. Maybe I be good boy again now? Then I not grow up be a bad Dada when I big.
    Connor (still not send girly kisses, even if I good boy)

  4. Just loving this 'baby' talk..... not to mention the SPELLING of those words.... uvver, wiw, eggsited, baff, fink, forgetted are my favourite!
    (Unfortunately the 'teaching' side in me won't even let ME have a go in this reply! Such a pity as I'm sure that I would have enjoyed it! What an old and staid person I've become!)

    Am I right in presuming that they are heading off to 'The Sasha Village'... well when 'Dada' remembers to get to the PO?

  5. Hi Kendal
    I am worried as to whether 'Dada' is remembering to feed himself and the dog, never mind how the tots in a box might travel.
    I'm not too sure of their destination. I thought there was an invitation to The Village but, you never quite know - those Village children may have sent an invitation and just signed it Mrs. Mum. So perhaps the travel box should stay where it is.... Dee certainly has her hands full as it is, with all those babies climbing in and out of pots.

    As to the baby talk, perhaps I spent too long in the nursery class last month! It is no longer a problem for teachers now, though. Accent, dialect and infant speech is now on the curriculum when teaching the use of direct speech in order to make creative writing more realistic. I have had so much fun with classes, discussing their own baby words - and mine. My brother and I both confused 'soldier' and 'shoulder' for a while and would talk about 'par carks' as we had no car and didn't make the link between parking cars with the lot where cars were left.
    It is hard to let yourself go when you have spent years correcting work for every minor mistake, though. One of the things I've noticed is that it is difficult to use spelling that is easy to read but keeps to the infant speech patterns - I did expect a great deal from my 9 year olds, but didn't realize ow difficult it can be, until I wanted to try it myself over a sustained piece of written work. Surprisingly, the children were much better at than I was.

  6. Well don't you two look nice and shiny clean now! I'm sure that you're clean enough to go and visit the Queen, so you'll be made more than welcome if you go to visit the Sasha Village instead! But I do so hope that there's no further mix up between Lucas and Connor.....I'm easily enough confused as it is!
    Big hugs Sharon in Spain xxx

  7. Oh I missed this, poor boy, fancy making him have a bath, didn't you know boys are ALLERGIC to baths?! I am surprised he has written to the authorities about this case of cruelty ;-) Hope they got to wherever they were going safely....are they back home yet?