Monday, 9 June 2014

Bertie's new clothes.

Bertie insists that we take a short break from the story of Connor's adventure so he can take centre stage.
 He wants you to see his new summer clothes.

Very smart Bertie! Did you want to show us something else, though?

Oh! So was that what Uncle James sent in the parcel you got?
Lucky you!


  1. May I say how very smart you look in your new Summer's outfit. It's just perfect for you.
    Love your new wooden train. Aren't you a lucky lad today?

  2. Hi Kendal,

    I thought you were on an internet break?!

    Bertie is a lovely little lad. When Ruth offered me one of these little outfits before she added them to her website, I jumped at the chance because he is a 'between,' older than a toddler but not quite so grown up as the Gregors. My own son had clothing like this before he became a dark jeans and teeshirt boy - boys clothing was very boring in the 80s and I was sad when he decided he 'didn't do colourful' anymore. Luckily, bertie will always be a colourful little chap.
    Jenni x

  3. Bertie you look so sweet in your new clothes! I love them. I had best not let Toby and Zak see these or they'll be wanting a set each!! We love colour in this village!!
    Your little train is great too!

  4. Hello Auntie Dee.... is Uncle Paul busy making a castle....?
    My little train really goes if you wind it up, which is more than you cansave for our lawn mower. I don't mind though, because I like the little blue speedwell flowers I was leaning against in the photo.
    Can you see our naughty cat, Blue, chasing frogs in the background? Don't tell Rory about that.
    Bertie xxx

  5. Oh I do envy you this lovely collection of Sashas and Gregors. Butterfly and I have a tiny one between us....

    Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog. I think my art and craft teachers would have said much the same about my skills had I not dropped the subjects very early on. So I shouldn't let that put you off doing anything you want!

    I also left you a reply on your comment to Open Again which I hope you saw....

    Come and visit Small Worlds some time soon!

  6. I'm playing catch up so apologies for the late comment! I love this little fellow and his outfit, it's perfect for him. I do llike the little Gotz no nose kids, they're so cute. One day I plan to add one to my group....and I hope he/she will be as handsome as this little fellow!
    Love his little train too, what a cute pressie!
    Big hugs Sharon xx