Friday, 28 February 2014

A Letter.

Last Saturday, Connor found a large card that he thought Storm, and perhaps even the missing toddler Lucas, might like. He started to write but had to lie on the floor to reach the top of the big card. He was very proud that he knew where to start writing because he'd seen his older brothers and sisters doing their homework.

Start at top on that side. Up and down with mine pencil for making the words come out.
 Here I say, 'Dear Storm,' and Storm will read to Lucas what I want to be tell him.

Robin and Roland were home from boarding school for a short break.

Hello big boys. What for aren't you at school?

Exeat! said Robin.

You not got one! 

One of what? asked Roland.

One extra hat! You just got one each, no EXTRA hat.

No, not extra hat! Exeat means a little break when we can go out of school for a night or two but not for proper school hols.


No! Hols...holidays!

Roland decided it was time to change the subject. Connor is still struggling with English, so starting to teach him abbreviated schoolboy speak or Latin seemed a bit pointless... anyway, he and Robin have only been learning it for a few weeks themselves. He'd caught sight of Gregory too. Gregory has been at his school for years now and Roland didn't want to let him know just how far behind him in their experience of school life they might be.

What are you up to, Con? he asked.

I be writing a letter for Storm so she can say to Lucas that I am say thank you for........

WRITING a letter? But that's not.....Roland began.

Robin stood on Roland's foot and shook his head a little. Gregory realized that Connor was looking a little crestfallen and took over.

Fantastic joined up hand writing, Connor! he said. Well done. But do you think your friends will be able to read such grown up writing? Perhaps one of us should transcribe it into print, just to be sure?

OK. I choose..I choose...Robin for transplanting mine letter into paint ...

You mean.. Roland started to say.

Just don't go there!! yelled Robin and Gregory.

I'm not too good at reading grown up writing, Robin said, not wanting to let Connor know his 'writing' was really just scribble. Can you read it to me? Then I'll print, erm, write out in not-joined-up-writing what you say. Then if Storm can't managed big kids' writing like yours, she'll be able to read mine instead.


While Robin was busy making sure somebody would be able to tell Storm about Connor's huge request he wondered what would come of it. He knew that, if Lucas ever did turn up at Storm's house, her prior experience of him might make her too terrified to go near him, never mind pass on messages. Where, he tried to work out, could Lucas have got to? Nobody had heard from him in months and months. 

Meanwhile, Connor had tried on Rob's school cap and blazer.

I big now. I write good things. So I can go to St. Andrea's School when the extra hat holes are over? he asks.

Maybe, says Robin. But right now we need to post this letter and then see what is for supper.


  1. Curiouser and curiouser!
    Love the boys school uniforms, they all look so wonder little Connor wants to join them at school!

    1. If we ever find my poor lost tot, I will put his name down for the kindergarten class at St. Andrea's but he must improve his speech first, it is rather an exclusive place and there are entry tests to be taken. The kindergarten hasn't opened yet as Andrea (now canonized, a living saint!) has still to invent the uniform for the little ones.

  2. Yes very smart those school boys look. I do love seeing the Sasha's and gregor's in their school uniform.
    mm I wonder why Connor is writting to Storm and Lucas when It's Storm and Connor who are here!!! ;)

    1. OHHHH! SHREIK! AN ADMISSION!!!!!!!! Mrs. Mum acknowledges that she now has CONNOR with Storm.

  3. Apologies as I have only just discovered this most endearing post.

    Seeing Conner's first line of the four 'e's instantly reminded me of the handwriting exercises that we had to teach the children once a week which indeed consisted of lines of patterns such as these.

    Thrilled with the 'speech 'inclusions which I love in blog potsts and find most amusing (and which I definitely can't do myself.)

    Very smart school uniforms especially the caps!

    1. My toddlers are more and more dear to me! I'm back being a four year old and each is developing a very different personality.
      I forgot to give credit for the uniforms - very remiss of me. The red outfit is by Ruth at Ruth's Dolls and, along with the girls' version, was the first ever outfit I bought for the Sasha/Gregors here. I love it because it was the colour and style of my own primary School - Roundhay St. John's in Leeds (there was also a St. John's Roundhay - very confusing when searching Friends Reunited, especially as both tiny schools are now gone!)
      Last year I asked Andrea at the Doll Works to complete Roland's uniform - he came wearing part uni - and to make a full set for Robin. We decided the prep school should be St. Andrea's, hence the halo badge on the pockets! Andrea is such a fun lady! She also made them wonderful suit covers to carry their clothes too and from school, will show them soon.