Monday, 5 June 2017

Robin - the new editor.

I am SO TIRED of Mam not taking our photos and letting us keep in touch with everybody else. It may be that nobody remembers us after such a long break, but I'm TAKING OVER as editor here, just incase.

I'm Robin. I'm nine years old. The photo is of me with my twin sister, Wren. It's an old photo and was taken under protest. I do not like having my hair brushed neatly like that, but I DID manage to get my tie back into the usual, fetching angle. No neat and tidy for me, if I have anything to say about it.

My hero is William - no, not the prince one, the one that had Richmal Crompton write down the traumas and victories of his childhood in books like 'Just William.'


William got up to all kinds of fun stuff. You can hardly believe that he would be old enough to be my great-grandad if he was still around. Funny that grown ups always say they behaved like little angels when they were kids. I just don't believe it!

My best friend is Roland. That's his photo below, showing off our school uniform in full. In school, we both get into trouble because of our hair. Well, what's a boy to do if he was born with more hair than other people? It's not exactly fair that we get told off because our hair doesn't fit under school caps, is it?

Roland's into reading books about a kid called Jennings. Some bloke called Anthony Buckeridge wrote down Jennings' adventures. 

Like us, Jennings was a boarding school prisoner in term time but, according to Roland, there is an awful lot of great ideas on how to have fun between lessons in boarding school in the Jennings biographies, so I plan to read them too.

Well, I don't just plan to tell you about our adventures and tragedies, like the punishment that follows if Roland or I hand in our Latin prep late, because that would be boring to other people. No, we live in a sort of fun orphanage in school holidays and exiat weekends and there re all kinds of kids here.

    There are girls

         little kids


                        and in-betweens.

      There are early Gotz kids

     and later Gotz kids.

         There are Trendons


                           and Fridos.


Then there are kids who have had eye surgery

and kids like my sister, who needed new hair.

Not to mention

                    kids who aren't even Sasha's at all!

We all get on just fine -  most of the time! So there are plenty of kids to write here, or to be written about and there's lots going on. We hope you will enjoy seeing articles about us from time to time.

I'm just the editor. It's the best job because I may need to exclude a few little items that might bring down more trouble down on my head than usual....Well, I plan to be an explorer one day, not a saint, so I need to practise risk taking and being adventurous, don't I?

  Bye for now,

    Robin xx

Sunday, 1 May 2016

Goodbye - at least for now.

Well, I have finlly decided to give up on blogging for a while.

The MS is giving me so many problems that every email and post here, on FaceBook or other blogs is taking me an age. My right hand is very weak and I have no sensation in my fingers, meaning that I miss keys, don't put enough pressure on them or hit two at once, so much editing needs to be done - sometimes over and over.

Added to that, I am not able to walk unaided at the moment so photographs, which need to be done mostly outdoors and are never to a great standard, are now much more difficult to take. What energy and movement I have just now needs to be used for essential stuff and, much as I enjoy it, doll play has to take more of a backseat.

In all probability, I will be back to bother you all eventually. The form of MS I have is recurring-remitting and I have always bounced back in the past. Though each 'crisis' tends to leave me very slightly more disabled on a permanent level, I do usually recover to some extent. If that happens, I shall happily return. In the meantime though, the smaller dolls, so much easier to carrier around, will be following me to hospital appointments etc. and the Sashas and other larger dolls will be at home, largely unphotographed but still loved. I WILL be following your blogs and your doings on FB etc. Oh no, you don't get rid of me too easily!

Thank you for all your support and lovely comments.
   Jenni xx

Monday, 28 March 2016

A Zauberwelt Girl In Search Of Spring.

Well, not only is it Eastertide, but the clocks were moved forward an hour on Sunday. We are now, officially working on British Sumer Time but....... 6.30 this morning, this is the scene that met the dog and me as we set off on our early walk. Grey skies and a sprinkling of snow can be so beautiful. After eight hours of torrential rain though, it merely covers thick mud and everything feels gloomy and it's wet underfoot. not my idea of a winter wonderland.  However, the dog is not easily deterred, so we set off down Lon Castell.

We heard a small voice call, 'Hello!' and looked up. On the  bank at the side of the lane stood a lonely little figure.
'I think I'm lost!' she told us.

'I've been walking and walking. It is so cold in the north and I thought I'd travel south, to a warmer spot. Snow and ice are lovely for a few weeks but when winter is much longer than spring, summer and autumn combined, it can be too much, so I thought I'd walk towards spring. But it seems cold and damp everywhere in that direction too.'

She gave a little sob.

'And I can't find Bryn Derw, the place I thought I might be able to live.' she continued.

'I slept between these two trees last night, planning to set off back north this morning.' she explained.  'Perhaps it is better to live in a freezing place but have a home than to live in a cold damp place without shelter.'

''When I woke up though, the rain and snow had swollen the stream and now I can't get back over.'

'What do you think I should do?'

I told her she should carry on to Bryn Derw as it was very close.
'But how do I get there? she asked.

 ' Spring really begins in April here, you can't rely on the weather in March, even if it IS Easter. So, come and live with us at Bryn Derw. Just follow the dog!' I told her.


This lovely Gotz girl is 'Matroshka,'one of the Zauberwelt series, a forerunner of The Happy Kids and was designed by Sissel Skille.Unfortunately, Gotz keep reusing the name Happy Kids for different series of their dolls which is confusing and they do not keep records of older runs of dolls, but the Zauberwalt girls are now about 10 years old.

'Matroshka' was a wonderful surprise gift from Maxine at My Doll Best Friend, who knows that this sculpt is my all-time favourite.
A HUGE THANK YOU to Maxine for such a fabulous gift xxx.

Thursday, 3 March 2016

Saturday, 27 February 2016

A busy time, so just a few more lads.

                                Haroun, belonged to a friend who can no longer care for him.
                                                    Right is Yves, by Shelly Baxter.


                                        Gruffydd (pronounce as the English Griffith)

                                           Brishan, the gypsy boy,  by Kelly Wenarsky.

         Jeffrey is one of twin Pyjama Boys, but his brother Matthew seems to be in
                                                     hiding! I can't find him.

Sorry that this post is brief. The unreal realms of non-doll life have interfered in blogging about, sewing for and - perhaps more fortunately - looking at dolls as potential purchases!

Monday, 8 February 2016

The Boys Are Back In Town! (Well, On The Farm, Anyway)

Hurrah for Brigitte of the Sasha Morgenthaler Facebook group for allowing this week to be Boys' Week. The boys are very dear to me, not just my Gregors, but all my boys - doll, human and animal. However, this is a special week for the Trendon boys here.

The photos are not likely to be the best, many of them are old as the weather is too bad for photography just now, but here are some of the Gregors of Bryn Derw.




                        Simon, Marcus and Philip

                                 Jack.                (photo by Jackie Kramer)                                                         








Well, that's some a few of the lads!

Please remember that I have been adopting for a decade or more now. Some of my boys are from my daughter's childhood and also, many are true orphans, boys (and girls) who have been handed on to me by my late friend Ellie. She and I made many Sasha and Gregor saving trips to junk shops and jumble sales, back in the early 70s, when they were seen as just old dolls that nobody wanted.

There are also many that shouted to me from Shelly's site and other places, telling me they just had to move here. I am more drawn to offering a home to a Gregor than a Sasha because I know they often languish longer, waiting for someone to take them in.

 Once here, it has to be a very special home on offer for me to allow one to move on. My boys are all very much loved and, despite Edryd's sad little face above, no Gregor was harmed in the making of this post.
Be warned.........there are more.......... My mother says she should never have bought me a copy of Louisa M. Alcott's Jo's Boys, as it gave me too many ideas!